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  1. Post some dope ideas u might have for a tshirt or something would LOVEE to hear ur opinons
    just created these and got them today
    i would love to see some of ur opinions, drawings on some ideas, i could make em come to life :) 

  2. This idea will be in stencil graffitiPicture a pigeons head slightly cocked left with a sinister grin.In bold Arial print it reads: "Shit Happens"Lmaooo just thought of that right now, I swear haha~1996 Jiggawattz~
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    wtf is wall street hippies supposed to mean exactly?
    you should make one with pink and teal that says "IM SLUTTY TOO" 
    that shit'll make you bank
  4. Another ideaHave a cartoonish sketch of a humanoid lantern giving off a slight luster. Above his head will be a lightbulb.In Arial print it will read: "Think" or perhaps "Keep Shining" or maybe "Times Have Changed"Any feedback?~1996 Jiggawattz~
  5. I have a stencil design featuring Tupac (Killuminatti) which would definately make an attractive Tee, many sales. If you would be interested, let me know. I will share my idea with you.
  6. A shirt with the marshal Mather lp or slim shady lp whichever one has the mushrooms on it
  7. Found it :)

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  8. And shirt is awesome my homie!

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