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  1. Kanaal van JupiterCannabisShop - YouTube

    me and my buddy going to see if they still have one of these today and if they do he's buying it! ahaa. im soo happy because ive been on grasscity for liek a couple months now and im dyeing to hit a shower head or something that stacks bubbles nicely. and this looks liek it might do the job!. Its a NG glass which is decent quality. but in canada its probs 2nd best. its 5mm and comes with a ice pinch ng bowl. for 170 its a steal for how much it bubbles and there not bad quality.

    what do u guys think? and keep in mind these are the brands you get in canada, lit, hit, puff, hoss, NG, gear, and red eye are the main ones. and hoss and ng are the only somewhat decent ones. redeyes are mostly branded china, same with lit hit and puff since there all the same co. and gear is just overpriced crap.
  2. Looks a lot better than the crap they carry in London, Ontario. sigh...:(
  3. Looks fucking nice, and 170 isn't a bad price, buy it :D
  4. Is that from Jupiter on Queen? Do they carry that online? I'm looking for some new glass and haven't found anything locally for that price.
  5. yeah thats from jupiter on queen. idk jupiter is overpriced imo. try cloud nine or just go into a random glass shop in tdot and they'll have decent stuff.
  6. That looks really nice for 170, I would definitely go for it, honestly one of the better looking showerheads I've seen in that range.
  7. the Jupiter headshop in my city sucks.. all they have is china shit.. Gear and hoss shit
  8. All their shit is overpriced too...their Red Eye dry pipes cost at least 10 bucks more then at some of the other head shops here, and I've found the exact same bongs at other head shops for half the price.
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    fyi, 90% of headshops in canadia are over priced, because they are retards and the wholesaler prolly gets it for retail in the us, so they pay on top of that.

    my headshop is atleast 40$ over priced, i paid 110$ w tax on my herb iron.

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