Doors or Pink Floyd?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Mr. JIMI, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. which is better when your high?

    i'd go with the Doors....but its a close one...
  2. OHH so we're gonna play THAT game are we?!

    Why must you make it so rough! It's hard to compare the two... But I'd have to go with the Doors. I grew up with the Doors, Jim Morrison was the enchanting mystery of my childhood (I read alot as a young kid and loved to read books about music groups) and young adulthood...
    I just like that edge, or soul, (or?? you tell me!:D) that the Doors brought with their music.
  3. Floyd.

    No question.

    (no disrespeking meant to da doors too though)
  4. fuck, this is hard

    pink floyd was the band that got me into music in the first place, but the doors are so goooood.....listing to them when i found this thread.

    In the end i have to say pink floyd
  5. 2 great bands..but id go with the doors
  6. pink floyd all the way :smoke:
  7. No contest.

    Pink Floyd every time.
  8. omg pink floyd no doubt about it. If you beg to differ than take a couple hours out of your day and listen to as much pink floyd as you can. You will learn my friend.
  9. This is too hard!
  10. the fact that you even ask this makes me laugh,
    of course its pink floyd... they could play circles around the doors...
  11. I say Floyd...
  12. doors are overrated, floyd.
  13. pink floyd man. their worst song is better than the doors' best.
  14. I'm gonna have to go with Floyd, although sometimes I do enjoy lisenting to the Doors :smoke: but yeah mainly Floyd
  15. floyd. i dont think its that close. mayb i gotta go listen som more doors...
  16. Watch Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii, then make up your mind.
  17. Floyd, no contest.
  18. The Doors.

    Nothin gets me goin when I'm stoned like Light My Fire :bongin:
  19. floyd without hesitation:D

  20. saw it and its crazy, they were young.

    but...ride the snake.
    i am the lizard KING!

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