Door to door delivery

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by fuckthatwasgood, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. So, you know those like... door to door salesmen. What if there was a company that went door to door sellig like vaccumes or something and there would be a key word for him to give you pot. Then the would put all the different strains on an order form, and they would go out and get you your weed and then theyed leave.
  2. Such a cool idea. We could start up now in Colorado and be "just like the old days" and have a crazy standard like our bud has a 15% or higher thc content for less than dispensaries.

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  3. This already happens, its just a way for drug dealers to have a front... But I would much rather just walk to a dispensary or a legal shop and buy it. That is much more simple.
  4. I hate NY

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  5. What if pigs got hold of these code names? Bam, that's another dealer busted.

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  6. say it with me BO-DE-GAS


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  7. Fuck yeah. Bring that to oklahoma.

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