Doom Eternal

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  1. I can’t seem to find a thread related to it but anyone else excited for this game?

    Doom 2016 was an amazing revision of the OG series. I’m pretty bummed they aren’t including the map editor from the previous game (Snap-Map). Other than that it looks pretty cool.
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  2. This game looks amazing!! I already see it has my favorite weapon in it too :D (The Plasma Rifle)

    Thanks for posting this Wax. I'll defi ask my husband about getting this one!

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  3. Love doom, the 16 reboot was dope. I’m sure I’ll check this out.
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  4. I still haven't played the 2016 DOOM. It's supposed to be on sale on PSN later this month, I will buy it then. This definitely looks sick as fuck.
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  5. Do it dude!! I can’t get over how good I think the reboot is. Graphically , gameplay wise and even the soundtrack is badass. I liked it a lot better than Wolfenstein (they came out around the same time) and I even liked Wolf but felt that Dooms faster pace and insane violence made it better.
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  6. Yeah I got the reboot for 5 bucks or something ridiculous like that on the Xbox store couple months ago. Total steal
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  7. I remember playing the very first release of doom on pc. I loved it then with its big ass flying eyeball monster demons what shoot fireballs, all pixelated and blocky.... good times. Im thinking of getting a console instead of upgrading my graphics card.
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  8. Well wax you convinced me and I'm pumped for doom eternal. I love how other players can invade as demons. Nice idea taken from dark souls and love it. Think it will really blow up this franchise. I even think making a DOOM into a loot and shoot multiplayer would be bad ass.
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  9. Yes Doom and Duke3D were amazing games. I want ID to acquire the rights to this gem and reboot it too:

    Dude the demon invasion thing is fucking awesome. That idea about making a Doom looter shooter is really good. You better hit up ID for the 3rd installment or spin off.
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  10. Bunch of new info at e3. Battle mode, 2v1 demons vs decked out Slayer. Soundtrack was sweet too
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    you forgot the most important comes out November 22nd
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  12. The 2016 one is the best fps of recent years, going to buy this for sure
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  14. I'm so fucking excited for this game, I've been waiting for a while now. I like how iD is actually going all out and trying some new shit again with the same formula. BGS is blue balling me hard lately so rip
  15. Day 1 buy for sure. Doom 2016 was game of the year for me.
  16. What made the first doom great was that every level, you started out with a pistol and had to explore and find secrets in order to unlock additional health and armor, guns and other bonuses. This aspect of the Doom remake is completely lost. I'm not a fan of "Amass an arsenal" or "Upgrade this weapon" or "Upgrade your suit", when you could easily create an even deeper level of exploration by restricting the player from having these things.

    Halo managed to nail this point and the game was arguably great because of it and it surprised me wholeheartedly that the Doom remake did not take this approach. It is not always a great development cycle to just increase the amount of tools that the player has access to, but rather simply by restricting those tools, it forces the player to engage with the game in a different way. This was my biggest gripe with the Doom remake, was that there were few ways to engage with the game, basically either Speed Run Death Metal Fuck Yeah, or explore and do challenges... Meh. Hopefully they will be able to find a common ground with Doom Eternal, but I have a feeling we are in store for more of the same.
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