"dood money is just fake anyway"

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  1. Wtf? All these noobs realize the FED just prints it all and its imaginary, and then suddenly just because its imaginary its useless.

    Oh yeah? Watch me pay my Car payment with that "imaginary" money. Lets see if banks think its so imaginary while they sit on their yachts while squatters sleep in their only clothes.

    And then gold is supposed to be legit? Gold is just as imaginary as the Dollar is.

    If your stranded on a desert Island, $100 dollars of gold is just as worthless as $100 dollars. Golds value is based on the same illusion. But that illusion is real in pretend world. And we live in pretend world. So get real.
  2. I'm going to get real by leaving this thread.
  3. ....


    Try again though once you understand simple economics.
  4. No one who wants to return to the gold standard thinks fiat money is "useless."

    Your strawman is what's noobish tbh.
  5. Money is fucking bullshit. We bust our asses in school for a good portion of our life, why? So we can get a decent paying job and work the rest of our lives? What are we working for? A piece of paper? Is that what life is all about?

    Fuck that, I'm moving to the wilderness to learn the ways of nature. I'm going to be taken in by a family of grizzly bears, I'll report back in 6 months.
  6. That's your fault for buying into the system man. Success in life is dependent on your will and desire, you'll have a decent paying job with a fourth grade education if you want it.

    It's peoples fault they live their lives for the future and to be positively reinforced by a bunch of people who could give two shits about you.

    I'll be monetarily rich in this world because when you don't care about money it falls into your lap.
  7. $0.41 of every $1.00 you spend is borrowed from another country...what do you supposed would happen if the US decided to tell those countries that "its just fake anyways"....some serious political reprecussions.

    The concept of this thread is just idiotic, no offense OP.
  8. You should be teaching classes yo!

    fuckin genius over here.
  9. " Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does. Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust, and when you're up, it's never as good as it seems, and when you're down, you never think you'll be up again, but life goes on."
  10. After many years of genetic research, I have finally created a tree that actually grows money!! HA~HAAA!!! But, don't tell anyone!! Shhhh! I wouldn't want to lose this tree!! So far I've harvested $50,000! See pics of this incredible tree below!! HA~HAAAA!!!



  11. Platonic really thinks he's onto some philosophical bullshit. hahahaaa
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    This is what happens when people smoke weed and think they're fucking philosophical geniuses.

    ^beat me to it
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    Philosophically speaking; currency is only as good as the value that society places upon it. However, realistically speaking, that does not mean that one should willfully ignore the practical importance of having money.

    In short...Fuck bitches, get money.
  14. Actually I think there are attributes of a currency which can make it better than another. As far as value, you're absolutely correct, if society decides not to place any value in the US dollar anymore (e.g. the world decides that we probably aren't going to make good on our debts) then our dollar would become relatively worthless. Because our currency is fiat (not backed by any commodity) our government can avoid the above scenario by printing more of our currency to pay its debts, which dilutes the currencies' purchasing power. So, we screw over our creditors as well as people who are holding the currency/people on fixed income. If we had a gold-backed dollar, our government would not be able to pay its debts by diluting our currencies' purchasing power, so our creditors and holders of the currency would have reason to value it more because it will hold its value regardless of the whims of our government. Basically, the government could fail to be able to pay it's debts, and everyday Americans would not be on the hook for it -- if our currency was backed by gold. It wouldn't be good at all for us to fail to pay, but neither is having a currency which can be inflated, putting pressure on all of us for decisions we didn't even make.
  15. 1. philosophy has nothing to do with currency.

    2. there are people who think money is useless because its fiat. I've heard that fact be used to justify poorness and thats what op was about
  16. Golds expensive because it's rare you idiot. Pirates used to trade with it before there was real currency so it does have value.
  17. and fiat money is expensive because its rarity. wtf is the difference.
  18. Moneys not rare unless you're homeless which you are obviously not. Let's see how many people have seen a gold bar on this website compared to the number of people who have seen a $10 bill.

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