Don't you love going online high?

Discussion in 'General' started by CheebaLaGanja, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. I'm just a little high right now and i remembered how cool it is to go online high.
  2. Yes, yes i do, but sometimes i buy too much stuff. =)

  3. i prefer to go online sober cause i dont like to read too much when im faded
  4. Yup ! But then again I like to do most things while high, LOL !!!! :smoke:
  5. its hard for me. My concentration is shot when baked. After about 10 minutes I just stare blankly at the screen.
  6. ice cream kid if you're tired of buying too much stuff for yourself you can always order stuff and give them my address for the delivery just make sure you still get the bill lol
  7. I love downloading insane amounts of music when I am freshly stoned.
  8. Oh it has nothin to do with the lack of wanting stuff. Oh no, the lack of fundage or the increase in credit debt is the problem. If something is cool enough i can find myself a reason convincing enough to buy.. Well whatever. =)

    Z <- poor
  9. i buy too much stuff too :)
    but my big problem is losing track of time when stoned on the 'net. you go through all these websites & all of a sudden ~ holy shit, 3 hours later?
  10. i end up waiting way too long for the thing to load when i realize that the page already loaded up...happens alot. reading shit is harder than normal but if i get anything from the posts i usually laugh my ass off.
  11. When I surf the net high, I end up adding every page to my favourites because everything is soo cool.

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