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Don't you hate people that...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Trevo4311, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Act like their super cool becasue they smoke weed? I hate people that just tell everyone for no reason, or try and make it really obvious. Those are the kind of people that only do it because they want attention or they want to look cool.
    The only people i talk about weed too is my friends that smoke or if someone asks me about it. I never just start talking about it for no reason.

    What do you guys think?
  2. IDK I like to throw it in conversation, its my favorite thing to talk about. Im an attention seeking leo though. haha.

    Im not like POT POT POT but if it gets on certain topics illl throw it in.
  3. Yea its true,but u gotta understand that some people dont care and just say it because they give a fuck about what people think,I personally dont tell anyone who doesnt smoke.
  4. Haha ditto my friend, the leo part and all.
  5. Don't you hate people that ...

    come up with stupid titles to forums
  6. Im the type of person that if someone says something about pot no matter what it is I'll start a convo about it. Like if someones like I can't belive you smoke its killing you, I'll start thowing out the facts.
  7. Yea, I will talk about it. I don't walk in the class and immediately say pot to someone, but if I got friends I smoke with I will talk about a sack I got the night before. Or the bowl I ripped with another friend the night before.

    I am not going to go to people outside of my friends and start talking about it though. (that is unless I am looking to broaden my connections)
  8. haha me too or ill be sitting in class and point out all the stoners then ill walk up to them and be like you smoke bud huh they almost always ask how i can tell dont bullshit the bullshitter haha
  9. Yes people do it all the time around here, same with being drunk. They tell everyone how "wasted" they are, or how super baked they are. I really don't give a fuck, they're just doing it to look cool and probably had 1 beer or a drag off a joint.

    If people ask me if i'm high in conversation i'll tell em, but I never tell anyone up front for no reason
  10. one of my old friends is exactly like this. he tells me all the time about how hes going to get high. than when im talking to people online, he'll send me a message saying "dude, im so high right now" im like "wtf, why do i care if your high?" than when we used to smoke togeather and we would be walking around, if he saw anyone he would call out "smoke weed everyday!" or "hey, wanna smoke some weed?" i told him not to do that, and he said "ill say whatever i want to say" which i replied "yea, you can say it all you want from the back of a cop car, but if im in that car with you, im gonna beat the shit out of you"
  11. i feel ya bro, like ill talk about it with other people but the people that brag about are fucking annoying. and usualy there the ones that rarely smoke. by the way like ur sig bro
  12. i feel like its the younger generation of smokers that do it to "be cool".
  13. I guess I'm one of those attention seeking hoes. I like to to talk about weed alot and its pretty much all my friends talk about all the time lol... And I'll usually wind up bringing it up in a convo to see if I can make some new toking buddies, if not oh well.
  14. Rastaman vibration. Positive, that's what we've got to give
  15. To be completely honest, when I started smoking I didn't just throw it out at any possible moment, but I have to admit that I was very excited about it. I mean, I hardly did it for social reasons, I don't give a shit about that. But if I would start talking to an old friend I would ask curiously if they have tried it, if they liked it, etc. It just really interests me BUT! I have realized since that it must be annoying for people who actually have a dislike / disdain for it, so I have been trying to keep my mouth shut as much as possible.
  16. i dont like the people who publicly announce they are doin shit i.e: myspace bulliten

    1. its stupid.. why publicly announce or put up pictures of you doing something illegal?
    2. its annoying, cuz their all attention whores
    and 3. ... i hate kids who say their rasta cuz they smoke...

    lol i know the last part was off topic :p
    but god damn i hate the fake Rastafarians
  17. we all live on dis rock man just smoke da herb and why be nukking on nukkas bout talking bout the sacred ganja jah mahn jah!
  18. i know wat ur talkin about. I dont hate it but at times it does get annoying.
  19. I'm one of those people who don't really talk about it unless I'm talking with another stoner friend. What really annoys me though is I have a friend who tells EVERYONE and a half that I smoke pot, and he doesn't smoke. He introduced to a girlfriend of his and it went like this

    my friend - "hey Judy this is seth."
    me - "hey Judy nice to meet you."
    friend - "Yea Seth smokes pot every day!"
    Judy - " know that's bad for you right?"
    me - "WTF? :confused: No it's not. I just want to eat my lunch!"

  20. ROFLMAO @ I just want to eat my lunch.

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