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Don't You hate it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aruru, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. When your out with friends about to blaze, and there chill as shit when there sober, but when you start up the smoking session, they have no etiquette and they're ignorant as fuck? Like one of my friends has been smoking pot like 6 months longer then me and he thinks he's so much better then us. And then there's the one who absolutely SUCKS at rippin' or taking hits in general, sucking like mad yet holding the smoke for only like...2 seconds? Then there's the super paranoid ones, who always think there gunna get caught. And another one who is a total douche when baked, like... he takes like 3 mega hits when he doesn't even contribute ANYTHING, no munchies, no weed, no piece... and finally, the ones who think they are invincible, the one who thinks we shouldn't even be the slightest bit cautious that we are high and in public... Yeah... all my friends are horrible stoner friends, one of them got up to change the channel and he kicked my NEW bong into tens of thousands of pieces....
  2. Word man, just ditch them.
  3. He better be buying you a new bong.....

  4. nope....this kids a total D-bag... im never smoking with him again....
  5. WOW!!!!
    and your going to let him get away with this????
    i know i would sure as hell make him buy me one or a serious beat-down may be in order

    not that i advocate violence or anything;)........
  6. Sounds like your gang should call themselves the, " Jr. High Token Crew" hahahaha :(

  7. yeah....and hes a d-bag sober...go figure..
  8. how much did you pay for this bong?

  9. somewhere around 50 :p
    im not too mad, cause its not too expensive, but was the best thing HE smoked out of....
  10. 50 isnt that bad, i was expecting 100+

  11. yeah, college kids, we need to worry more on finals and passing school then worrying if our bongs are top notch
  12. everytime i broke someones piece(never a bong) i gave them money up front for it, i asked how much they paid and how long they had it, if it is an old piece, ill add a few bucks to try to compensate for the memories lost in the incident. i'd get new friends if i were you, anyone that breaks a bong is no friend of mine, i used to have friends like you describe, their shit gets old fast
  13. Yea man, I know how you feel. Pulling the seniority card is always a dick move. As far as holding in smoke... It's been proven that almost 75 percent (Please don't quote me, it's somwhere along those lines) of all THC is absorbed in the first second of inhalation...
  14. Show me where this has been 'proven'.

    But fuck them cats, I wouldnt chill with them fools.
  15. i believe he asked nicely not to quote him haha

    and yeah next time around get them to throw down some jane or somethinggg jeeezzz and tell them your no mister nice guy anymore

  16. yeah,,,,there fucking of them is okay though, and he's cool as shit to jam with, hes beast at guitar and better blazed, and another one, i went to a concert with her, and shes fucking RETARDED blazed, like she's throwning shit and losing crap :[
  17. I don't think its much different than how people act differently when they're drunk. Just have to figure out who mixs well with how you like to party.

    But yea I definitly don't like when people try to act like they're cool, because they've smoked for 'said' amount of time. Foolishness.

  18. I think I've heard that too. (Sorry I quoted ;))
  19. I know what you mean. My 1 good buddy is by far the best stoner buddy ever. Corners the bowl, always pitches somehow, quiet and chill, never greedy or agressive. My other good friend is terrible, he TORCHES the weed, he hold the lighter for so long no joke the whole weed is burned out and he ends up coughing it out. He always says hes better and criticizes me so much. When i try to nicely correct him he starts mocking me and saying i am like a mom. One day he'll become a real stoner.

  20. yeah../..and my very best friend, awesome sober friend....MOST ANNOYING STONER FRIEND EVER!!! he's a typical dave chapelle black, always talking about trouobled times, or always preaching or talking NONSTOP!

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