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    I for one am tired of seeing hate groups pervert this flag by flying it at their rallies. This flag is very dear for me for the history and the message it represents. It was never about white supremacism. It was never supposed to be about white supremacism. It's about standing up to foreign rule and influence, not about making America whiter or anything like that.

    What's a matter? You fucks too afraid to fly a swastika? Because that's more your message. Not don't tread on me.
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  2. Think in Obama’s time the ppl flying that flag were labeled a hate group or a terrorist group.
  3. I'd still fly it. Fuck the white supremacists. They ain't stealing my symbols. Hell, I might even get a tattoo of it. Give me liberty or give me death.
  4. No problems here man I’m the type that say u do u n I’m gunna do me but, don’t come over here tellin me what to do, n I won’t fuck with u.
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  5. Ehh. Evil groups have always perverted the truth. The Swastika didn’t used to be a symbol of hate until some dude from the 1900’s took it and used it to rally a nation for his cause.

    It gets harder and harder every day to figure out what is right and what’s wrong.

    People with weak minds are the target, save your friends. Educate them. stop this plague from spreading.
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  6. They want you to think that all people flying that flag are white supremacists, it is what they project to you with their propaganda, but it's really not true..

    That flag is the flag of small government libertarianism.

    Nazis were huge government socialists, lol.. And they want you to think all right wingers are socialist nazis?

    Do they have you fooled?
  7. Socialism and National Socialism are two entirely different ethos.

    And no, I don't believe the right wing is all fascists, that's a liberal hate speech technique.
  8. Nope, they are both damn near commies..
    Including democratic socialists..

    Commie wannabees..
  9. Well next time you see some White Supremacists flying that flag you need to protest same. Tell the ignorant inbred fuckers they are disrespecting your flag by associating it with sewer rats.
  10. Believe it or not, I don't come across too many white supremacists in my day to day life...
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  11. They're like rats so they are, skulking in the sewers waiting for an opportunity to pop up and scurry about. You'd want to be ready with a shovel in hand for the bastards.
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    I like to think we don't have too many here in New England. But I guess they're everywhere...
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  13.'s LITERALLY an "everyday thing" for me...........this is a TRUE STORY now.......about 3 years ago.....SOMETHING HAPPENED....I dunno what..............but there was a biiiig investigation of my towns police..................after they completed their investigation...what came to light was this.............the CHIEF OF POLICE FAKED his college degree.....he never went to college.....and was the chief of police for over 20 years.............and 3 of the 8 man "cop crew" were ACTIVE MEMBERS of the KKK
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  14. Yeah that'll go a long way towards mending the rift between law enforcement and the black community...
  15. was "pathetic" in my "THAT" MY town.........if there was a car pulled over................IT WAS/IS A GIVEN............they are "a people of color"
  16. What state are you in if you don't mind me asking...

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