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    I just typed up a giant story about my reasons for why id stopped smoking and my laptop died halfway through so im putting up a short version of the story ill type it out if people want to read it but for now this is all you get.

    Mom pretty much told me i could smoke, had a party while my little sister wasn't home and mom didn't care, got pulled over at 3 am and had to talk my way out of shit while baked, smoked in my house and she smelled it and said she wanted me to go to rehab but her boyfriend talked her out of it he just told me to smoke outside, I threw another party and let my friends convince me to let them smoke in my basement so i let them, we also ended up having beer pong outside and we pretty much went nuts all night. Im positive everyone in my house is pissed at me.

    While the party was going on i was offered [removed] and ended up taking it, the combination of weed and that pill made me go nuts and see how dumb i was being and how i was making my moms already hard life even harder. So i decided to stop all drinking and smoking for a month, and then after i experience the world sober again ill decide what i want to do.

    I told my friends right there that im not allowed to do anything for a month and made them promise they wouldn't let me. Im tired of being a scummy sketchy kid and i don't want my sister to get into alcohol and drugs because i was a dumb ass. I figured that if i was going this far i might as well change some more shit about my life, i plan on exercising and getting into shape instead of going out every night and im actually really excited to start this.

    I told my friends i still want to chill with them even if there smoking im just not going to participate, So hopefully this can show me what people hangout with me just for my weed and which people actually matter.

    Has anyone here ever had a realization like this? And will it still be possible for me to chill with people who smoke and not be tempted?
  2. you need to just chill and control yourself. its not worth being that guy on the street. if you are scared don't do any opium or inhalants. they are addictive.
    2st. as a diagnosed narcoleptic i noticed that living my 18 hour sleep dream isn't good.
    i went down the road of pills. its not cool when you fall in the shower and wake up an hour later with a bloody nose. and a gash the size of a orange slice.
    but now i dont take any drugs in that high amount (380 mg). i am back on the 20 mg and i wake a bake every other day. i love life and that's the point of living it.
  3. I am going through this same exact shit right now. I have just toned down my smoking for a while to get my life in order. I still kick it with all the same kids, but it made me realize who I really do appreciate in my life. But as you physically get healthier your mind will be cleared, then a month from now you might want to even wait a little long to smoke. But then when you do, you will be far happier and more balanced.

  4. You keep the friends that are real friends, don't worry about the outcome. Be happy with yourself before you can be happy with other people anyways. Your true friends will always be there.
  5. How old are you that you still live with your parents and get just the way u wrote sounded weird to me idk just had 6 bucket bongs so I'm fair gone
  6. Its all a balancing act that some people cant master. In my honest opinion you shouldn't be bringing illegal substances into your parents house anyway. Its your shit and your habbit, you keep it in your car, or somewhere else. I personally have a set routine. I normally blaze about a quater a week. I do this for 3 weeks, two or three joints after work maybe more on a day off, then give myself a week totally sober. This helps keep my tolerance down, saves me money and give's my head a good clean.

    As for your friends, I'm sure they will understand.
  7. Good luck with your sobriety! I hope you stick to it! Also, you should eat a healthy diet that is full of fruits, vegetables, bread and nuts along with your exercise. Oh, and I hope you find out who your real friends are.:)
  8. Taking prescription drugs is stupid. After a surgery not too long ago I was prescribed some pain medication. They gave me a massive bottle of the shit and I took maybe 1 - 2 per night for 3 days (I got like 60).

    I started realizing I was tripping out in my sleep and feeling good with these pills. I had to flush them before they cause me a serious problem.

    I smoke weed every day with no ill affect. I never did it while living at home with my parents.

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