Don't steal this kids weed! HAHAHA!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Meachumz, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. They looked like they were 13 years old.

    And they fought like it, too.
  2. Hahaha you rock, Predator

    Yeah, rolling around, rubbing on eachother, with the occasional punch and the screaming adolescent girl
  3. Truth,that girl that was screaming hurt my ears

    Its embarrassing to even watch.
  5. Rasta_Man, like always, your opinion is ALWAYS VALUED!! Not... Anyways, did you guys ever sit there and think, THAT THEY ARE FUCKING STONED?? Anything physical is hard while your stoned let alone fight. My god, you people act like you all can fight so good. AH, it's annoying.
  6. Gross! if i wanted to see gay suburban wrestling i'd go to my Highschool

    that bitch's voice was maaad annoying. idk how anyone could be around her
  7. I can actually fight better stoned...I think out the next move, punch, throw...I see kinda in slo mo sorta.

    And Rasta Man is the shit...stfu kid.
  8. AH, you're annoying. Stop whining.
  9. Can't us stoners just get along? I just smoked some Northern Lights outta my bong and looked at this thread. We shoudlnt be mad at eachother for stating our opinions. BLAZE ON!!

  10. Reminds me of 7th grade.
  11. Well you kind of started it.

    My brother punched someone in the face for stealing an 1/8th from his car.
  12. Same. I remember in 7th grade two kids got mad at each other and I was unlucky enough to waste my time watching the brawl. Imagine both kids wearing Soc-Em Boppers, in slo-motion, with a random waterbottle being tossed by one of them. That was it. I guess it was amusing in that aspect.
  13. I wish I was their when I was twleve I would have jacked both of them for thier weed,lol
    Lame ass fight.
  14. Too bad he got banned! ;)
  15. Wow, I cannot believe that the white kid was calling the black kid *****. If I was there I would have beat the shit out of him.
  16. LOL

    That type of shit
    would of never fly in my hood.
    Someone try to jump you for weed around here
    Everyone is getting an ass whoopin.

    And not because they want the weed
    because everyone wants to get blitzed.
    Stay faded.
  17. Were those guys fighting or spooning? I really couldn't tell...

    I love how his profile blatantly says "Age: 17". Could you be any more obvious?

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