Don't start drinking coffee.

Discussion in 'General' started by kvcc, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Seriously :mad:

    I just got into drinking coffee before my day starts, at first i though it did nothing, then i started to notice it was a little bit harder to wake up and i complained about getting coffee(only after 3-4 days after using coffee)

    Now today, no coffee, i have the WORST headache. On the pain scale its around a 7, 10 being screaming pain. It makes me put my head down and just go fuck this hurts.

    Now I just had to go out and get a coffee at 9PM because i have had a horrible headache for the past 6 hours.
    I really wish I had some weed
  2. I love coffee

    I love weed

    Combine them and it's awesome
  3. The fuck is up with the imbedding of videos?

    Piece of shit.
  4. You can't embed videos anymore
  5. I drink coffee.

    when I don't drink it I'm fine, I just wish I had it. :D
  6. Well. My jokes are dead now. :mad:
  7. Coffee makes my body unable to balance its temperture and causes me to break out in sweat all over.

    only after i drink it ever mornign for a couple of weeks though, energy drinks do the same thing
  8. I'm not an avid drinker of coffee but every now and then when they brew up a good one at work I'll ice myself a glass.

    And, as I am always high upon arrival, I too think the combination of weed and coffee is spectacular.

    Not really, its only a couple more clicks to the punch line. :confused_2:
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  9. always gave me a stomach ache. never really woke me up. just drank it out of habit. don't drink it any more.
  10. What stoner wants to click for a joke?

    You tell me this.

  11. I Hiss at the OP, *heeeeeeeee* (kidding)

    I love my coffee, been drinking it since I was 2, but I can only have a cup a day, any more and I'm like a ping pong ball in a concrete room.
  12. i don't mind. it's not like i have to walk 13 miles in the snow, get government clearance, and have to take a dt to see the joke (i'd fail anyway).
  13. lol Word man. Gotcha.

    With my little hissy fit aside, I'm apologizing to the OP for hijacking the thread. Now, back to business.

    Coffee is a helluva a drug, man. You should watch out for it. God knows what your life may end up like.
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  14. i sorta agree with the op. I NEED my cup of coffee when i wake up in the morning. Splitting headache until i take my first sip... iim way more addicted to coffee than weed haha. I enjoy coffee, but id deffinitely be better off without it

  15. HA HA HA HA HA! i remember that episode, and the PSA. love that show.
  16. Crap maybe it's not the coffee.

    I had a coffee, took 2 Ibus and my head hurts just as much, It's like throbbing in my head it hurts. :mad:

    If this doesn't stop hurting by the next 2 days, im going to the doctor, i have never had a headache last for 7 hours + before.
  17. Uh caffeine withdraws are not that severe, especially after only a few days of drinking coffee in the morning.

    Many things cause headaches. weather pressure changes. lack of sleep. stress. dehydration. 7 hours is pretty damn long though.
  18. I love coffee.

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  19. They can be that severe, and more, but it's normally for people who drink coffee when they wake up, when they eat, when they go to bed, and everywhere in between.
  20. Coffee, well...caffiene in general does nothing for me, either good or bad. I like coffee for the taste. I had a cup when I got home from work today. My "mom" was on her way to work and had just made a fresh pot. :love:

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