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dont smoke but might start please help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by craig1187, Jan 15, 2014.

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    Well I'm 26 I have smoked in the past, but never really enjoyed it most of the time. I think because mostly around here all you can get is brick weed full of seeds. My question is my girlfriend/fiance of over 6 years has started having chronic pain in her feet and she has appetite loss and I know smoking would help her but she is totally against it as never having done it in her life, and I'm trying to figure out how to get her to be more open about smoking, she heard that if you get some weed and soak it in rubbing alcohol and then rub it on anywhere that is sore it helps. So we bought a quarter ounce of weed and soaked it, but I saved some and convinced her to smoke some last night, but it was crap weed and didn't do anything except make her hungry which is a big step because she ate and wanted to eat more. But she says now that she don't want to do it again because it was gross. But I saved some seeds and got one popped and planted, a few more germinating, and she is ok with me growing them and everything, any tips to convince her to try it again, I really think it would help her and me too, as I have crohn's disease and high blood pressure, bit neither one of us likes taking medication so it goes untreated. But that's all any feedback is greatly appreciated
  2. Dude you've made progress got her to smoke and she cool with you growing..I'd say ask her when ever you light up. My gf doesn't smoke but she cool with me smoking. I always ask if she want a hit. If she says no I just make light of it and keep toking.
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    She isn't really cool with me smoking either, but last night she was willing to try anything to help with the pain, that was the first time I smoked in like 9 or 10 years and we didn't really like it, it was her first time and neither one of us really felt high or anything, just a nasty taste in our mouth from crappy weed. I remember a couple times when I smoked before I laughed alot and was high in a good way, bit the weed around here is all Mexican brick weed, I got about 30 seeds from a quarter ounce, and that's what I'm growing now, I'm hoping it was the way it was cared for and I get better weed then what I had last hoping she will be a little more open next time I try and talk her into smoking and hope its better tasting lol
  4. Take one gram of bud and grind it up. Wrap it up in foil tight and put it in the oven at 240 for 15 min. Pull it from oven and let it cool some. Dump the bud into a half cup of half and half and let it soak for 12 hours. Strain through coffee filter. She can put the half and half in cereal or coffee, tea, mashed taters, make cream soup or anything you can put milk into. Start with small amounts and wait at least an hour before trying more it can take a while to work. The stuff in the iso can be used as an oil if you evap off the iso. 
  5. Uh, what now? I've gotten twisted up reading this.
  6. Any tips for evaporating the alcohol off, we put it in there last night so it has been soaking for 16 hours. Its in a jar with the alcohol barely covering the weed. Thanks in advance
  7. Id advise just making canna peanut butter. There is a thread in incredible edible herb section and it's super easy to make. You grind your weed super fine then cook it on tinfoil in the oven for 20 minutes at 220 degrees Fahrenheit then you mix it with peanut butter and cook at 300-325 for another 20 minutes let cool then eat
  8. Go show her stuff online about how it helps with a lot of things, can't really think of any other way you could convince her. Also if you do end up getting her to smoke again, make sure you get some dank, something that'll knock her on her ass wanting to smoke some more.

    Happy toking ✌️
  9. 1. Get a vape to get rid of any negative connotations from smoking it
    2. Get quality. Regs and brick weed taste like shit, I know that even I can barely stand to smoke regs after years of smoking dank, usually will pass on the joint entirely, so I'd understand a beginner not liking it either.
  10. Watch The Union on Netflix. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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