Don't really like smoking so much anymore?

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm not sure if i really want to blaze much anymore. I know you guys are probably sick of reading posts like this but I want some real advice. I've been smoking the herb for about 2 years now, i mean i love it and all. But the more i smoke the more i just feel its more of a burden then being really fun. Like i take T-breaks and such ALL the time, like in reality i dont really smoke that much, mabye 3-5 times a week at most or something.

    I've come to realize that regardless of the type of bud i smoke (sativa or indica) i just honestly feel retarded when i am high. I like how it really relaxes my muscles and such because i work out a lot and am usually sore, but really i cannot function so much when i am high and its starting to piss me the fuck off.

    I thought buying a vaporizer would help because your not getting any carcinigens and such so it wouldn't be so much of an intoxicating effect and it would be healthier. So i got a vape bros vaporizer and it works great and I was right about it being a lot healthier and the high is a lot clearer, but still it feels as if something is "clogging" up my brain i guess you can say and im sitting there like "........yea....." and i just cant even function its fucking annoying.

    Not only that but it really messes with my motivation, i find that after smoking on the weekends i would much rather just sit around and smoke all day rather than workout, do school stuff and such. Ya know the stuff that really matters. I really don't know what to do my blades, i've tried the whole taking a break thing which i've done A LOT. But everytime its the same old story, i smoke for the first time in like a a couple weeks or so and i get so fucking high which is great but really its just the same shit.

    On top of all this shit, i can't even remember what i did the day before so wtf is even the point of spending money on this stuff if i can't even remember what i did to entertain myself the day before. I can't grow right now so that is out of the question, but even so i dunno if i would want to because it would basically mean that i can smoke all i want and be retarded 24/7. Which sounds awesome but honestly it would fuck with me and my priorities.

    I dunno what to do my friends anyone have any suggestions? Sorry for the long post/profanity.
  2. honestly i would say smoke more... from the sounds of it your just having a tolerance problem. Why are you taking T-Breaks if you're only smoking 3-5 times a week. Thats not enough times to build up a high tolerance. So every time you smoke now its like its the first time all over again. build up a tolerance and i guarantee you, you wont get as high!
  3. It's either you just get to high because of low tolerance or you just dont like the feeling of smoking. If you smoke more often and build a tolerance it is a much more enjoyable experience(at least to me). I can smoke like a lot and go out into public and be normal thats what I like about my tolerance. I am still baked just able to control it a lot more. On the other hand it seems like you just do not like it. Stop if you dont like it you dont have to keep smoking. Its not for everyone.. Just because you have a big dick does not mean you have to do porn..(felt like saying it might have been the wrong choice of words).
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    i like to smoke while i exercise. it kinda brings it to life and some sports (like frisbee, lol) are really satisfying. although now im remembering its winter and you might not have a place to do sports except school which idk if your cool about.

    at any rate you shouldnt take t breaks unless you smoke at least once a day thats why you're getting blasted every time like ^this^ chick said
  5. Hey dude, if your feeling too fucked up, try smoking less in one sitting.

    Like just get all your shit together, take one nice hit, and wait a few minutes.

    If that doesn't do it for you, try another, until you as baked as you want to be.

    If that doesn't work i'm out of ideas.
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    You have to cut back.. try smaller amounts.. maybe more often just smaller. Like one or two hits once a day. Controll yourself, make weed the reward for doing things you need to do. Like after a workout then smoke, or after all your work is done then smoke.

    :) Or just quit smoking till you see how boring life is without it.
  7. a lot of it has to do with heredity dude.

    you got the bad genes of smoking green
  8. wtf just smoke as much as you want to and wouldn't that make you happy
  9. maybe get your shit done first, so it doesnt matter if you cant function
  10. What he said.

    I feel ya on the not wanting to work out after smoking but, thats why I work out before I get high and oh man it gets me like 4x higher. Gotta love it. If that don't work maybe you just don't like being high?! :eek:
  11. why are u taking t breaks if you smoke 3-5 times a week? if you smoked more then you could controll your high and be able to do stuff with it

    also, you should smoke after you get all your shit done. u gotta prioritize. i only smoke at night to relax after ive taken care of all my buisness, that way i can enjoy it
  12. I kind of know what you mean. I usually think that I don't enjoy smoking very much. Then I smoke and I remember that I love it.
  13. Just switch your strain your smoking. it works.
  14. Maybe try doing it once a week or so. I was in the same boat as you, except I was smoking upwards of 6 times a day and it was hella lame. Now I'm smoking once or twice a week and it is so much better. Only get high when you're chilling with friends instead of alone. Weed should be used for recreation as opposed to habituation
  15. Just smoke after you do everything you need to do. I have the same problem if I smoke during the day and have shit to do later then it just doesn't get done. I usually just smoke at night now after everythings done.
  16. dont do mentally challenging things while high. smoke and exercise, or smoke before you head off to sleep.

    hey if it's not your thing, its not your thing you know?

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