Dont Post Pictures Before Seeing This

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    Hey guys
    So ive been thinking... No one in here seems to worry about the information stored in pictures of your good looking dank. I read on another cannabis community how to remove this data, so i just translated it from danish to english and made it a bit shorter.
    Cause if the popos find your photos, they can view all information recorded by the camera. This could be the resolution or date... But it could also be GPS coordinates. 
    Just try uploading a photo here
    But it is easy to remove this data.
    There is a variety of different programs capable of removing EXIF data, but here is a link to one
    All you have to do is unzip and run the program. Your settings should look like this:
    Now pull your photos into the white box and PUFF! your photos are now free from information, that could lead to unhappy incidents.
    If this has been posted somewhere before i have not found it and then im sorry about that.
    Here is a video guide too if youre into that
    Well. Good luck with everything and happy toking  :)

  2. Or, you could just turn the GPS off or disable geotagging as well.
  3. fuck the police lol. happy growing yall!
  4. What do you mean by "stored" in your pictures?
  5. what he means is that when you take a picture the phone stamps it with gps coordinants and a time stamp. and by turning the gps and time stamp features off, you increase your security as there will be no info for the law to locate or identify you with.
  6. Not only does that mean popo's can see it, it means that ANYONE can see it and go straight to your grow and take your crops.
  7. Thats true and i also do that with my phone, but i have a small camera for taking better pictures and i have looked into disabling this function, but i couldnt find it
    Yeah exactly, heard of guys in my area losing guerilla grows to people who search forums for geotagged pictures 

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