Don't like to leave your house while high?

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. I've noticed I like to stay indoors and especially within my room of my house while high. I think it has some links to paranoia, but I've noticed this desire to stay in my house while high has become more prominent as of late as I feel that most people around me judge me negatively for being a stoner and am simply more comfortable hanging out in my own room rather than hang out and get strange looks from various people.
  2. shit im the same I hate going outside as I am so easily noticed when I'm stoned and I hate when ppl start saying "OMG ur High" its fucking annoying,I rather have some food the T.V or Play Gunz online :D.
  3. yeah i know how you feel. i like to chill out and play games/sleep/eat. but it can be fun going outside, and doing things, just make sure you have a friend or 2 with you, and just enjoy it :)
  4. dude i know what you mean....sometimes when i get totally blitzed my confidence and especially my desire to go out at night diminishes.

    but its ok, i just pound a Monster and drain some shots and my liquid courage carries me out the door to another 40+ bar tab. dammit haha.
  5. I love going outside. But I live in a city so it's not really that noticable if you look all fucked up. Especially near bars and clubs, I look like the most sober person around.
  6. your not alone, i very much dislike leaving the house, not becuase im scared, because im lazy. ill get my munchies and shit before i toke up. only if a freind comes over, i wont leave the house till im sober.
  7. Shti ,When I go outside I usually do something borderline retarded,So I decided my best Alt. is to stay home and so I got used to it as No one bother me and its only u and urother identity lol.
  8. The only time i go outside when im baked is wheni gotta go to school haha...But when i have no school, i like to stay inside, not because im paranoid of people saying shit, just i dont feel High outside..only indoors do i get RIPPED, but i love smoking a joint outside a night, then walking inside you just feel sooo baked haha..:smoke:
  9. I like going out dude.. I dunno, its probably something about having to be around the parents if im home..
  10. Well if I have my Parents pestering my ass I just leave to a friends house and seclude myself there as his parenst are also Stoners lol Awesomeness:p
  11. i really dont care where im at when i high as long as im not at school when my eyes are red and im not around my mom
  12. I don't really care. I'll go out, stay home, ride the bus, even go to school high. I don't care unless it's hot (po-po or hella people staring) around that area, then I'll leave.
  13. I'm kind of the opposite. Sometimes I like to hang out around the house, but I usually like to get up and do something. Especially drive, for some reason just crusing around is the funnest thing to do when im high, listening to my music and going for a drive. I usually get high while driving to work, or just drive around to smoke a few bowls since my parents don't like me getting high in their house and my neighboors are twats and call the cops.

  14. Snitches don't help, that's for sure. U should go and slap 'em.:poke: (except it's a hand slapping the shit out of the blue guy).
  15. Yeah, the cops didn't really do anything about it so I didn't care. I just don't smoke outside when they are home anymore
  16. I'm the same way. I guess it's just I feel like I'm walking weird or something when i'm in public and high. haha yeah do you cure that shit?
  17. I am personally all for just vibing out and listening to music or watching TV, I hate going out when I'm stoned
  18. I love being outside, not necessarily in public, but in like maybe lying in the grass at night staring into the stars, or at the clouds durring dusk. The best highs I've ever had were at the beach, just staring into the horizon with my friends, talking, just chilling having a good time. Being inside isn't nearly as good, I like being high in nature.

    Nature highs are like amazing. love going to see fireworks on the 4th. I'd love to see the northern lights high on northern lights :)
  19. In my living room or back by the firepit with my roommates. Most chill setup I've ever had. The firepit is especially fun.
  20. i used to be like that just cuz i was lazy as hell and would get high and then just lose my motivation to go out...a few weeks ago i started running every night and that helps alot but now i go out too much on week nights and the nightly bar tabs are draining my funds real quick..oh well fuck it

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