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Discussion in 'General' started by budgirl, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Would I be a poser or a snob if I changed my name? I read all these post, and everyone has such a cool original name. I was surfing with a friend one day and found this sight by chance. I sighed up quick to see pics, and didnt take time to be original with my name.
    I just recently added some pics of me and edited my profile. I havent posted many times or made many web friends. Would I be an outcast if I did? :confused:
  2. I dont think so just remember to add your pics:D You are hot.
  3. how about we just start with changing your big ass font.. but ur hot keep the name =D
  4. i like your name, but yea shrink the font a bit

    [edit] no you dont look 38, you make me want to take a 40 minute drive up to daytona :p
  5. I can get down with some vanilla :yummy:
  6. i like your name, and keep the blue font, its original :metal:

    if you really dont like your name though go ahead and change it, better than getting sick of it when you are 3000 posts in :D

    DAMN i missedmy 3,000 sooo uh

    HAPPY 3000 TO ME :smoke:

  7. its not the color.. its the size.. toatly unsessary
  8. well i am a fan of blue, so the bigger the better babe hahahahaha
  9. ur names fine hah!

  10. Keep the name. No big deal! And no, you don\'t look 38. That is insane. Total MILF! Yes\'m I said it. MILF!

    420th POST! FUCK YEA! Time to hit the bong baby!
  11. name suggestions

    and my fav

    lol your name in fine
  12. 1st off your name is fine, now we have to talk about those pics......... WOW! I really like the way you look back pulling your shorts down... Nauty.. Good Stuff. JOE>

    P.S. no you do not look 38.
  13. Can you change your user name on here??? How??
  14. keep the name it looks fine =)
    No, the admins won\'t change your nickname...I asked awhile back (I really joined in september 2005) but I wanted to have a new nickname so here it is.
  15. Bunch of horny stoners you all are ;)
  16. you are goddamn right :ey:
  17. the names fine,,i like it,,checked out your gallery,,nice pics. and being 37 myself,,i can tell you,,,,dammmmmmmnnnnnn,,,,looking good girl,,,,,your all leaned back on that light pole with your chest kinda poked out a little,,,, all i could do was wish i was still a baby and breast feeding,,hahahahahahaha,,,,,,,everythings fine ,and i mean everything...:cool:
  18. Hey man, gotta keep the ladies happy.
  19. Sorry guys, the light post pic was put in by accident, its my roomate. Im not that gifted up top, but I will try to get her to post. I think I got my gallery right now? Let me know.:love:
  20. MILF??
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