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  1. so i don't know what the hell the problem is. at first i thought it was ph, but since i don't really have a way to test ph its kinda hard to tell. Then i thought maybe nute burn but i uno on that either since i have hardly given nutes in the last two weeks. I gave her one dose of monster bloom at like 1/4 strength and thats when the discoloration started. i don't know if u would call it discoloration or a burn. the plant is flowering but has only been under 12/12 for like a week or two. my dillemma is that she needs watered tonight before the lights go out in 1:45, and i don't know whether to give another dose of monster bloom since she got straight water last time, or another dose of straight water. If anyone knows whats wrong or what i should do bout feeding lemme know. Thanks

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  2. i don't know if it makes a difference, but when i watered with the monster bloom i had to water thru the leaves. She is LST'd like a mofo so its kinda hard not to get it on the leaves, shes like 6-7 inches tall and a 13 inches around lol
  3. Bump...... 1:12 left guys help me!!!!!
  4. common guys any ideas would help, i see ppl lookin but no talk i've only got 46 mins left till lights out
  5. Most nutrient solutions will lower the PH of your water by quite a bit. Not having a way to check PH is a problem. I wouldn't feed until you have a way to check your PH. Good luck.
  6. i can check the water.... just not the soil itself due to tinted runoff and all i have is a drop ph kit. i went ahead and watered with an 1/8 MB and ill just flush it if i start to see the problems getting worse. Its weird tho cuz only the older leaves are like that. The new growth looks great. Its the older leaves that are getting like that, but not all as u can see in the pic above the one on the lower right seems to be just fine.... im wondering if the nute water on those older leaves didn't cause it cuz i just read online that it can cause some discoloration or a almost burn look if the nute water sits on the leaves under the lights.... or so it says anyways. well we will c what happens
  7. The proper ph'd water going in will have a different ph value in the runoff and the soil will have another value.
    I believe you want the value that reacts in the medium, so get a soil test kit and adjust up, or down for optimal soil values.
    I have to ph my water at 5.8 to get a 6.8- value in the soil. Adding nutes also makes a difference in the soil ph.
    For more accurate testing water PH use a digital ph tester.

  8. I adjust my water to 7.2 to get a 6.5 value in the soil.... So as you can see, two grows - two different scenarios. Without knowing what you need, you can really end up flying in the dark and grasping at straws trying to figure out what the deal-io is with the plants...

  9. You need a ph meter, it's the first thing you check so without it you cannot start a proper diagnostic. You have calcium/magnesium deficiencies setting in (yellowing & brown spotting), and some P deficiencies (yellowing & red stems) by the looks of things. This can be due to a low ph or low feeding. One solution is to flush and/or adjust the ph, the other is to increase feeding. See the potential issue? LOL

    I suspect your nutes are really low ph and causing this (lockout). Good luck!

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