Don't know what to do with this need help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by yourbigj, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. should my Flower be doing this? (i am new at this growing not smoking)

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  2. my weed plant dont know if it should be growing like this
  3. It is really stretching. I'm guessing you need better, more, or closer lights
    I also notice in the pic that the soil looks really wet? Moist not soaked is what u want to strive for
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  4. Super stretch! Closer lights , I'm assuming your using cfls, they can literally be inches from the plant.

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  5. Your light is too weak for the distance you have it away from the plant and the plant is stretching to get to the light. If you're really growing rosemary there...and that's what that biggest plant looks like, I hope you've provided it very good drainage in the bottom of the container and it wouldn't hurt if you tossed in some perlite with that soil mix you've got. It looks very wet and heavy and the plant needs some drainage. Unless it's something you need to hide, like MJ, take advantage of the sun. Put your plant next to a window with some filtered light and see what happens. TWW
  6. its not rosemarry i toss that out and planted the weed plant in there

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