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  1. I have an HVY 16in beaker that I bought a while back. I'm very happy with it, but have recently been thinking about upgrading it.

    Right now it has a regular diffused downstem with 6 slits and a small bowl that holds around .3 in it. I have been thinking about getting a new downstem. I want either an Alex K showerhead or perhaps a 6 arm or gridded. Which would be the best?

    Since my bowl is so small, I find myself loading multiple bowls when I'm with other people. It doesn't bother me cause I do like to get more green hits, but it does get inconvenient at times. I don't really think I can do both right now as my budget isn't very big.

    My question is, how much smoother or better will my hits be with the new downstem? Will it be noticeable enough to make the investment? Also, if I get a ice pinch slide or a disk diffused, will that make a noticeable difference on my hits? I don't have any percs so I was unsure if this type of bowl would be worth it.

    So good people of Grasscity, please help me with my dilemma. :smoking:
  2. i got a sleek brand shower head downstem and it truely makes all the difference compared to my old no name diffuser. I can pull as hard as i can and i still cant get water in or around my mouth. (and my bong is fairly smal, 10 inches)

  3. I don't get water at all, I just want to know if it makes it noticeably smoother. I'm sure you can tell it's smoother, but I just want to know if it is worth the $50. My downstem right now works pretty well imo, I just haven't used anything better so I don't know if I should just keep my downstem and get a new slide, or if a new downstem would make it alot smoother.
  4. yes its alot smoother, but for 50$ hell no. I spent 25 on mine from a smoke shop. just go in and ask the guy what he recomends and ask to try out a few with water in the store

  5. I don't have any headshops near me.

  6. guess those links didnt work, sorry but just google "sleek shower head downstem and its the first link to that website

    its called aqua lab technologies
  7. You can't link to that site lol. I'm not really asking where to buy one, but more if it will be worth it opposed to a new bowl. And if a disk screen bowl does anything. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  8. Yes it is completely worth it, buy both though. The bowl will allow for more air flow to let the diffuser work better, and also disc screen bowls prevent against nasty yellow smoke from resin clogs. I would say buy the gridded because if you ever plan to get an ash catcher the 180 degree gridded functions well when hold straight up verses tilted like you are supposed to hit a bong with no ash catcher.
    P.S. does what i said sound normal? i feel like i worded that in a really wierd way.

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