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Don't know wether I should stop smoking or not

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by xXKingKushXx, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so I haven't smoked for long, but I ended up getting kicked out of my school due to some "friends" bs. I haven't smoked in months, and I miss it. It just made everything fun and more interesting. However, if I do start smoking again, and get caught, I think my parents will never trust me again and take drastic measures. I need advice.. Should I start again or not? :confused:
  2. if you really want to
    go or it but be discreet about it and don't let it get out of hand. of you keep it to a minimum your folks probably won't catch you and you'll be fine. btw your story says underaged all over it haha
    good luck :wave:
  3. Keep it to a minimum to reduce the chance of being caught. Keep some eye drops on hand to get rid of those red eyes when you have to come home to your parents. None of us can really make the decision for you, however we can give you some tips on how to smoke without getting busted again :smoke:

  4. What happened at your school? Did you have bud on you?
  5. This ones pretty simple, no.

    Sounds like you're a kid, if not you live at home. In which case you do not make the rules of that house-hold. If you decide to smoke when you're done with school and out of your parents house then you will be fine and this wont even be a discussion.
  6. Are you kidding? Smoking weed while trying to not get caught gives me such a thrill.
  7. Learn to be an stealth toker, don't make it obvious that your high. Don't let the taught of Paranoia ruin your high, take a walk while you smoke then you should be fine.

  8. same here. especially smoking in public!

  9. No, my "friend" did. And got caught and told the principal they got it from me. (when in reality they took it from me after I told them no for that reason exactly).
  10. The consequences sound pretty harsh..

    If you're going to smoke take EVERY precaution!!

    -Don't be a loudmouth about smoking weed (noobie mistake)
    -Keep eyedrops with you
  11. Go for it man
    Just find some better friends don't involve yourself with dicks. Back in middle school my friend snitched on me so I think I know how you feel :D
  12. Well, never smoke in your house and never take weed to school. And refrain from smoking every single day, take precautions that your parents do not find out. But, as people said, it's your decision, not ours to take. Be aware of consequences and be responsible when you do smoke. Also, maybe, if smoking if too obvious of an act, you can go for edibles instead...
  13. You guys have some shitty friends. Who the fuck grasses on their friends? I would never drop my friends in it, if I get caught for anything, i acknowledge it as my own fault and take the fucking shit.

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