dont know if i will have enough light?

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  1. stupid question but it has an easy answer. im going to grow 3 plants in a little more then 1 square meter and i have 1 64w overhead fluorescent light and 4 19w fluorescent bulbs arranged around the grow space.

    will this be enough light for my 3 plants?
    thanks for any help
  2. no mr. fett ...jaba ripped you off homie..
    100watt's per plant is optimal..
    i'd get me a hid bro..htg sell's a 400watt hps complete sytem for 119$
  3. damn ight thanks. where can i get bulbs at a higher watt cause the highest i could find were like 19w but i know they go a lot higher.
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    here's a link for ya

    Catalog Code: FC105-S50OD 105 watt medium base 5000k(veg)
    Catalog Code: FC105-S27OD 105 watt medium base 2700K(flowering)
  5. if you are going cfl. get more sockets and more lights. thing cheap when doing this too. 26 watt cfl are the bright standards. these give the most lumens for the buck. the more lights you use the more area of your plant that can get light. if you use a low number of the really high watt cfls then they can be expensive and only the top of your plant may be getting this light. they also put out more heat. with proper air cooling you can possition the 26 watt light inside your plant.

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