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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thaked, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Hey all,
    Just Managed to finally work out how to post, what a dumb b*****d.

    I have read many books, and spent many hours on this web-site and feel that i could capably grow some nice stuff.

    I just want some general feedback on any problems you may think will arise whilst growing, this is my set-up:

    3FTx3FTx6FT(height) Wardrobe

    400W HPS with 7 day timer wired through (by an electrician)

    1xExtractor fan with fan speed control(next to light)
    1x set of intake hole (large,at bottom of wardrobe)
    1x Fan heater with Thermostat (at bottom of wardrobe)
    Bio Grow and Bio Bloom
    Top Max
    Bio Bizz light soil mix

    (smell is not a problem)

    (seeds already taken care of)

    Give me some feedback

  2. lol..same wardrobe as i do my cuttings in !!! Anyhow sounds like a good setup , you may need to set the extractor timerto 18 hours extraction when lights are on grow as it will get VERY HOT in there...when lights are off extractor switches off..during grow cycle you wont need a heater fan , ive never used one ever indoors .
    TIP> Line the walls inside of the cupboard with MYLAR if you can get it or normal foil if you cannot stretched tight so no a mirror to reflect that precious light back.

    dont foliar feed as it will get very humid in there and when they are approx. 20-30 days in flower and ready for the big burst..( lol ) carefull trimming is recommended so light penetration id far down into the many are you planning on doing anyway?

    keep the light at least 2 foot from the plants so youcan only grow 4 foot plants max..this is important so at 15-18 inches you need to put them in flower as they still grow a lot ! for the 2 weeks it takes to initiate strong flowering cycle keep fan blowing just above the tops of the plants so no top coas get crisped if they get too big...Like i said depending on plants and what stock you have you should get a yield of 2 oz per plant dried..let us know how you go..
  3. i agree with pretty much everything mentioned.

    walls are wall paper plain white and extraction fan will be on the same timer as the light, so extraction is no problem.

    looking at growing about 8-10 plants, how does that sound?
  4. u sure i wont need heaters?

    temp can be as low as 15C at night
  5. don't worry about the temp at night, just make sure that you have the wardrobe doors shut when the light goes off, and the heat allready in there will suffice, and then the drop won't be so bad, MJ can take the 15 degrees no problem if need be.

    as for the wallpapered walls, paint them with white gloss paint for better reflection, even better use a kind called "titanium white" that'll give you another 10-15% light reflection in comparrison to the white paint.

    how are you going to stop light from getting in through the gaps in the doors, especially for flowering?

    Peace out..........Sid
  6. the only bit of light that can reach the plants during flowering is between the two doors.......of which i have a thick enough piece of card to stop this from happening. ill basically just block the gap with the card.

    you think that will be ok?
  7. just get another bit of wood, and nail it to the inside, so as when you close the 2nd door, it's hard against your new piece of know what i mean?.......Peace out...........Sid
  8. I don't think you will make 8-10 plants in that small of a wardrobe. At least one very good plant or a 2-3 so-so plants in that small a place.

    You may wnat to think of adding a screen a 12-18 inches below your lights to keep the plant from growing too close to the light.
  9. would agree with the screen techinque.
    there is a SCROG (screen of green) technique link somewhere on this site.
    Can be very useful at limiting plant height and helping get a bumper yeild from few plants.
    good luck
  10. i have sorted out the light leakage problem.

    i dont agree with only 2 or 3 plants as i have a friend who has grown 4 excellent plants in a smaller space.

    i am having a problem with my extractor fan speed (too fast too noisy). tried attaching a light dimmer to adjust the speed but it wouldn't work, any ideas?

  11. is it the fan itself that's making all the noise, or is it the fan rattling off the wardrobe, and making more noise?..........if it's the latter, then surround the fan opening with silicone, like a rubber dampner, i'm going to have to do this with mine next grow, as the plasterboard is rattling..........Peace out........Sid
  12. hey sidious, thanks for the replies.

    The fan itself just buzzes, the electricity is running through it (that is whats making the noise) but the fan just wont move.

    i got a 250W 2-way dimmer - on the back it has 3 holes L1,L2, and one with a wavey line and a bolt of electricity through it.

    its really bugging me and my plants have all just germinated so i need them to go into the growroom asap, but the fan is being a b*****d

    any ideas?
  13. what kind of fan is it?.,..........the type you get for shower rooms, and bathrooms are good, as they're designed to not bug the life out of you........unlike your current out......Sid
  14. its a 100mm bathroom/kitchen extractor. the problem being that it runs very fast, so makes alot of noise.

    would ducting help?

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