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Dont Flash Your Headlights (Blood Initiation)

Discussion in 'General' started by DaWood, Nov 17, 2010.

    \tBody: ----------------- Bulletin \tMessage -----------------
    \tPolice officers working with the DARE \tprogram have issued this Warning:
    \tIf you are driving after dark and see \tan on-coming car with no
    \theadlights on, DO NOT FLASH YOUR LIGHTS \tAT THEM!
    \tThis is a common Bloods member \t"initiation game" that goes like this:
    \tThe new gang member under initiation \tdrives along with no headlights,
    \tand the first car to flash their \theadlights at him is now his "target".
    \tHe is now required to turn around and \tchase that car, then shoot
    \tand kill every individual in the \tvehicle in order to complete his initiation
    \tPolice departments across the nation \tare being warned.
    \tTheir intent is to have all the new \tbloods nationwide drive around
    \ton Friday and Saturday nights with \ttheir headlights off. In order to
    \tbe accepted into the gang, they have to \tshoot and kill all individuals in the first auto that does a courtesy flash \tto warn them that their lights are off.
    \tMake sure you share this information \twith all the drivers in
    \tyour family!? Please forward this \tmessage to all your friends and
    \tfamily members to inform them about \tthis initiation ritual.
    \tSR Dispatcher Tracey Sharber
    \tKentucky State Police
    \tPost 3 Bowling Green
    \tP.O. Box 0068
    \tBowling Green, KY 42102
    \tPhone: (270) 782-2010
    \tFax: (502) 564-3507
    \tRobert Fincher
    \tInvestigator Crittenden County \tSheriff's Department Narcotics Division
    \tOffice: (870) 702-2040
    \tCell: (901) 601-0099
    \tAlan Rowe Investigations
    \tPost Office Box 2184
    \tAuburndale, FL 33823
    \tPho: (863) 665-7578
    \tFax: (863) 984-2450

  2. I've read this before a couple years ago.....it was bull. Link to the reports of this happening? Sorry I'm a skeptic..
  3. I dont do it anyways. If you are too stupid to forget to put your lights on, you deserve a ticket for being a jackass.
  4. I recently found out it was fake.. It had me going haha
  5. slaughter the vehicles passengers cause they were tryin to help you? Makes a lot of sense.
  6. We get this here in South Africa. But I don't think it is the Bloods?
  7. Thats the gang mentality...

    I saw this a while ago. I think it was on Unsolved Mysteries. Luckily the Bloods arent very prevalent in my area. The Crips and MS-13 are, but I think its mostly Aryan gangs respectively.
  8. The old saying goes "trust, but verify"

    This story and variants like it date back to it being spread via fax machines and printed letters. In fact, we've probably given it so much hype that the actual gangs accused of this are probably getting pissed enough to start doing it just to prove a point.


    snopes.com: Flashing Headlights Gang Initiation

    Always verify.
  9. That shit is scary, especially cause it would probably some some middle-age family member gunned down over some stupid shit like this.

    I'm glad it's not true.
  10. yeah, dont flash ur lights at a car whose rims cost more than the car. lolracism
  11. what year is it? This is the oldest of old myths...

    So old that people might actually start doing it again because it's "vintage"
  12. haha hows it goin DaWood!

    the other day I was coming home and I see my friend pull out the gas station on to the main road with his lights off and I actually almost hit him

    I had to flash my lights to let him know to turn them on lol

    pretty funny
  13. this was proven to be false according to the Discovery program, Urban Legends
  14. When i flash my lights in boulder, the only thing that ever happens is someones headlights turn on, or the slow the fuck down.... the only "gangs" here, are pretend bullshit gangs of high school fuck ups
  15. Well I don't exactly live in the safest area on the planet.

    This kind of thing is not uncommon here ;)
  16. Where I'm from the cops are so bored that if you have your lights off for less than 30 seconds your ass will get pulled over and searched for poops and giggles.

  17. Have they ever found you in possession of poop or giggles man... gotta be careful lol
  18. HAHAHAHHA! dude thank you for that I'm laughing uncontrollably right now.
  19. That shits maaad old.
  20. haha I could imagine the cops asking in their cop voice

    " Got any poops or giggles in the car we should know about?"

    "No sir"

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