Don't drive around Boston stoned

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Joint, May 7, 2006.

  1. Because it's not possible.

    So a few days ago, a friend of mine drops by and we smoke a few bowls. We decide we want to go to this place that's about 100 yards from my apartment, if that. My buddy decides he wants to drive there instead of walking, because he always gets tickets parked in front of my place if he's there for very long. The spot is very close, 2 minutes walking time, max. It involves going down two streets and you're there, but unfortunatly, the streets are one way and going the wrong way. So we start driving.

    And somehow, we end up lost, 10 fucking miles away, trying to go two blocks down the road.

    I have no idea how it happened. It started by trying to find a way to get to the spot since we couldn't go directly down the road, and it just got worse from there. At one point we almost wrecked because after a half hour or so, I said "Dude... do you realize we just got completely fucking lost trying to drive down my street?!"

    Maybe it's not that funny to anyone else, but it's funny to me. I didn't think it was really possible to get lost trying to go down a street, but we did. And ended up 10 miles outside of Boston and had to take the freeway back for like 15 minutes before we even got to my neighborhood.
  2. OH MAN i totally know what you are talking about.

    Out here in chicago if you have to go somewhere driving is your last resort.

    Plus people are such assholes to drive with in the city. So much nicer taking a walk.....except for the winter. Damn chicago gets fucking windy and cold in the winter.
  3. I'm in Waltham right now and i can never get tired of complaining about how shitty the road layouts are. Do you really need that many rotaries
  4. That's why I love Boston...
  5. Me too, except when black dudes stand in the street and block your car so they can kick rocks at it, which also happened when we got lost. :( Boston has a serious racial problems, on both sides. Too much hate for a city with the highest percent of weed smokers.
  6. Fuck the one way streets.

    That shit dont stop us.

    Like if anybody knows the PJ's (projects) in River Rouge on Gillard and Great Lakes?

    Them all one way streets and a bitch to get through, And rough as hell because it the PJ's.

    So fuck it, Ill go down there, Buy a bag and hit fucking reverse and haul ass in reverse down the street till i get to great lakes and turn and go east to deroit.
  7. Yeah dude, we usually do that too, going in reverse the wrong way down a one way street. But we were high and paranoid with cops (they do circle the neighborhood somewhat regularly) and decided not to risk it. I guess we figured we'd be able to manage circling around the block, but we were wrong.
  8. Say bye-bye to your tranny.
  9. I'm gonna go walk around boston tomorrow... Might to go sugar daddies or the other good headshop in boston just to windowshop.
  10. My schools in brookline. I smoke on huntington ave and around fenway. I never really have a problem, you just gotta drive fast.
  11. Ah, cool man. I get lost in Vancouver all the time when I smoke too much. The city's like a damn maze sometimes. I tried to drive to my girlfriend's place one time and ended up in Abbotsford, which is about 30 or 40 km away or so.
  12. Where abouts in Bpstpn is sugar daddies. Ive been wanting to go but i dont know where it is. :(
  13. ^^^yep
  14. yes, i have been lost in some VERY scary places in OVER THE RHINE in Cinci going back n forth for twenty mins just confused as fuck with cops being like tf lol.
  15. yea im from reading and me and my frends always get fuckn lost drivin round boston
  16. haha yea i guess it would be mad confusing to anyone who doesnt live here

    i live almost right in the city so im real used to it but i still get a little confused in traffic if im baked

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