Dont buy blackleaf

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  1. What I'm pissed about is just how unbelievably thin the glass of the inline was. I accept it was partially fault of the operator but no matter how you look at it it should have been able to handle tipping over onto carpet
  2. Time for 'The Can Man' The mini V8's work best.
  3. shake the inline into tiny pieces to get it out
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    lol i dropped my hoss on my lino, nothing happened to it.
  5. I think I'm just going to break up and take out the remains and fill it with some glass beads for better diffusion. It actually doesn't hit hard now, it just chugs waayy more haha
  6. /smash remaining pieces violently on concrete

    Go buy new one :)

    Always works for me!
  7. Smash bong
    Figure out how to smoke out of a toaster because I can't afford a new one

    ^what happens to me
  8. Hahahah, I LOL'd
  9. Dude don't talk bad about blackleaf, you might get the banhammer. :rolleyes:
  10. ive had that happen to a weedstar inline and a HVY mini beaker, they fell onto each other, onto bamboo floor and didnt break or chip or nothing. they where on the floor sitting next to each other, the HVY fell first and the weedstar landed on it kind of, they tipped over when i accidented them with my foot.

    was scary

    sucks to be you OP :(

    pick up something better

  11. maybe you should be more careful with thin glass
  12. Exact same thing happened to me

    Just got my Manifest Glassworks beaker in, fucking amazing tube.
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    It was 5mm thick supposedly, I didn't realize how thin the inline was
  14. i had a blackleaf, first bong ever. tipped over on carpet and snapped the joint.
    never bought another shitty piece again.

    save up, buy good shit. trust me, my sheldon black is a true champion
  15. If you take care of glass black leaf is fine, if your accident prone, get better glass lol.

    I've had this shitty bong for about eight months. Five of which were spent in my closet because the bong blows for flowers. But I busted it out and started using it for concentrates, and turns out it's a great little rig(compared to what I have haha). But ive been hitting it everyday for like three months, bringing it out and what not, and nothing bad has happened

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  16. take this way, you said your gf broke your bong, she atleast owes you a bj man.
  17. yeah thats some pretty weak hisi has tipped over numerous times on the carpet and once on ceramic tile and is still in!
  18. Damn, this is disappointing. I wanted to get the layback version of this:(
  19. i think the lesson we should take from this thread is DONT LEAVE BONGS ON FLOORS.

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