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  1. I just dropped 90 bucks on the nautilus by black leaf (with shipping) and after knocking it over on soft carpet the inline just popped off. Black leaf sucks and their glass sucks. Don't buy from them
  2. Wow, sorry to hear that. How long did you have it?

    I've had the small version over a month and I've cleaned it and bumped it around a fair bit, still in 1 piece. I treat all my glass like its always about to break.
  3. no offense but you knocked it off any glass cant break on any fall...its not the glass' fault
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    It was the layback also, it was standing on the carpet and it got tipped over and snapped the inline. I've only had it for about 2 weeks. Not much of a fall
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    I was going to say this too but I thought he was pissed enough already about it being broken lol. I've had lots of moments where stuff probably should have broke but didn't.

    Whenever nice glass breaks nobody blames the glass...

    Still that sounds like a pretty weak fall, it definitely shouldn't have broken from tipping over onto carpet. I'd be pissed.
  6. Also now looking at it it's no wonder. The glass is less than a 1/16 of an inch thick. There's no way to fix it is there?
  7. Where did it break? Did the whole inline part come off cleanly or what?
  8. Most of the time I would agree with you but you'd have to see it to see how unbelievably thin the inline was haha
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  10. Right around the base after tipping over onto carpet

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  11. Milkshot!

    Yeah its broke, it's not going to be worth getting fixed but i would like to see it hit how it is now.
  12. Douche^ it's broken, why would u want him to video hitting a broken bong?
  13. ^chill haha I can't be that pissed cuz I knew it was shit when I got it and it still works, just drags a bit more and chugs harder. Probably won't cool it don't anywhere near as well either but fuck it. It's this or an acrylic
  14. Damn that's a shitty break and that inline ain't coming out lol. Sucks that they made the inline so thin. I'm just hoping you got a lemon and mine will be fine :)

    Honestly at $55 this thing is in the price range of a "nice" acrylic.

    Cool that it still works at least somewhat.
  15. thats what happens when you buy china glass, not 7mm china at that.
  16. so you knocked over your bong and you are mad at Blackleaf because it broke.....i have high end stuff and i also have a Black leaf...there is nothing wrong with it and i have yet to find any bubbles or imperfections...its been banged around although i don't knock my bong over on the floor it either its still a piece of glass.

    look at least you made the rookie mistake on a cheap peice...don't take it out on Blackleaf that you are a clumsy blade.
  17. Vapor rip for the black leaf haterz lol

    [ame=]Nautilus bong + octopus ashcatcher + hakko vaporwand = milk shot - YouTube[/ame]
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    Not trying to start anything but fuck off. It got tipped over onto padded carpet. It could have been any easier of a drop. No matter what bong it is or who makes it, it should be able to stand that 6 in drop onto 2 inches of foam
  19. Also it was actually my girlfriend that knocked it over btw
  20. easy there portube your the one saying don't buy black leaf it sucks so bad but it was your fault...don't blame black leaf for you deciding to buy a cheaper bong and then you knocking it over...end of over you lose.


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