Don't be too's just me.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Terry Wrist, May 26, 2009.

  1. Well hello Grasscity my good pack of people. :wave:

    I'm Terry Wrist (get it?? eh eh?)

    ...Moving on, that's not my real's just funny..I think. ;)

    I am residing in Australia. Before you ask, yes, I do own a Kangaroo, His name is Harold.
    ...That's a lie...But if I did have one I would call him Harold, how badass is that name??

    Now, I love weed...oh boy do i love it ^-^ I have a girlfriend that loves it too. But she is a Jehovah's can not smoke any. I myself am Atheist (make's for interesting conversation's) :p

    I do not own a bong. I enjoy the thrill of using one's crafted with your own two hand's. Therefore I am believed to be "poor". This is the case. But not the one in question.

    You guy's are probably sick of me already after this...:D

    Alright. That's me, continue you're day. Thank you for reading. Peace. :smoking:
    (I love these smileys so much :cool:)

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