Donnie Darko.

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  1. ive seen this so many times and still cant fully comprehend the full meaning of it. like how does frank begin to time travel? what does charita have to do with it? whos the random fat guy smoking? the whole point on time traveling?? cellar door?
  2. Haven't seen it yet
  3. watch it on a psychedelic, youll probably find all the hidden meanings a lot easier, its hard to explain that movie, but its a great film with a lot of imagery.
  4. Search online because there's sites that have the answers.
    I did that after watching the movie because I was like a good way
  5. Here are two interesting facts that are only really revealed in the deleted scenes:
    1. The pills that Donnie takes are placebos
    2. Frank is Donnie's sister's boyfriend

    Donnie Dark is my favourite movie.
    I own it (one of the few dvds I've ever bought) and watch it frequently.

    Take a peak at this analysis and question-raising:
  6. i cant explain it but i got it. i love that movie.
  7. I love that movie, took me a couple times to semi-comprehend it.

    But i couldnt even begin to try.
  8. agreed. Scared the hell out of me tho
  9. This movie definatley spurred some creative thinking, made me really start to question whether we could time travel, and all that stuff, I had to read all of stephen hawkings books after it

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