Donnie Darko!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by D9_THC, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. Has anyone seen this film???


    and the website...oh.. the website.. now it's all so clear!! i understand it all!!! for those who've seen the film and don't know what the fuck just happened.

    this.. the most clever and well thought out film since... well... CAN YOU THINK OF ANY?!?!?!

    discuss, if you please.
  2. Definately a great, mind blowing film. One of my favorites of all time. Its right up there with Vanilla Sky in terms of "keep you guessing til the end factor".
  3. yeah it's amazing......bit like momento....that'll fry your with the dvd you can watch the movie in reverse........Peace out......Sid

    ps.....not trying to give it all away in case you haven't seen it........anyone who has will understand

  4. YES! donnie darko is a great flick. & I HIGHLY suggest memento too! good call sid. thats a great movie as well :)
  5. seen momento.. and my brain was fried... im still trying to figure out if it was in a good way...

    not really the type of film you should get stonners with memory loss problems to see.... paranoya a plenty! lol

    havnt seen donny darko.. but really want to now.
  6. Donnie Darko is my all-time favorite movie....I watch it everytime it comes on Cinemax and I'm buying the DVD when I get a DVD player :D
  7. i'd buy the dvd it if was out in the uk :p

    i managed to download the deleted scenes though.

    did you know that the medication donnie was recieving were actually placebos????

    proving that he actually isn't insane.
  8. it is out in the tescos......Peace out.......Sid
  9. yea when i saw that is was just a big what the fuck feast. but i went searching for a donnie darko forum and printed off a page long explaintion of the movie.
  10. Wrong thread, Zia! LOL!

    I went to 3 different places asking for that damn movie and everyone looked at me like I was nuts. "Are you sure that's the name of it?" This one dude tried telling me that since he hadn't heard of the movie then it didn't exist. I tried to explain to him that maybe the problem was that he wasn't supposed to exist and that if he would actually disappear then maybe the movie would appear in his place but he wasn't the least bit high and found absolutely no humor in what I was saying. Damn straight people...what do they know?

    I will find Donnie Darko!!!
  11. so is this a true story or what <-- fucking weird man
    but awesome
    the movie was good too
  12. no way in hell is it a true life story, that shit woulda been all over the news... hmmm government consipircy???

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