Donnie Darko

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has seen this film yet?? flatmate came in last week and said it was a brilliant film...however with the storyline involving a big fucking 6 foot rabbit...i was like.."yeah right"...but he said he was stoned and was getting a lift home by one of his mates when, at approx 2am in the fucking morning a guy runs out of nowhere...dressed in a fucking gorilla suit...banging on the car while waiting at traffic lights!!!...he said he nearly shit himself, i just want to meet the gorilla and thank him for scaring him as i've been trying to get the bastard back since he went up to the bouncers in a pub we were in and told them i was smoking hash, and nearly had me thrown out.......Peace out....Sid
  2. I've seen that movie about 10 times! I love it!
  3. This is an awsome movie. It is a trip when your high! I had to watch it when I was sober though b/c watching it high was kinda confusing. I still don't get if he traveled to the future or the past. Can anyone that has seen the movie explain it to me? (oh look I found a roach!)

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  4. He travelled back in time to the day when the jet engine hit his room..he stayed in bed that day so he would die and his future 'girlfriend' would never meet him, therefore never die the night of the halloween party...he saved her life
  5. Thanks Hempress. I was never sure if traveled to the future and saw what would happen if he was not in bed or if he did what you said. Either way it was an awsome movie and I think I will watch again.(Damn, I need to buy more bud!)

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  6. you're welcome :D
  7. Donnie Darko restored my faith in the ability of American movie makers to create something original and thought provoking.

    You should all check out for a very interesting experience. There is more information as to the storyline to be found here, only you must first "unlock" the website by completing puzzles.

    The information is worth it though, so I won't spoil it for you.
  8. very good movie. i liked it a lot, even when sober.

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  9. My friend that came back home after studying a semester in Nanjing, China brought me some DVDs. He gave me Ghost in the Shell, Spriggan, Training Day, Blow, Princess Monoke, Jinroh, and The New Legend of Shaolin. They're region 2 DVDs so the menus are in Chinese but the DVD is in English. They cost a little more than $1 each. Since everything is made in China it's so cheap there. He got his haircut before he came home and guess how much it cost. $1 US Dollar! A dollar here is equal to about 8 there....and anyone can be a teacher. You don't have to speak a word of English and you can get a job over there teaching English! Isn't that nuts!? LOL

  10. woah.. i never even made that connection.. the ending makes sooo much more sense now
  11. yeah, it took me a couple of times to figure it out, but it was worth it

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