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  1. Well, im getting bored with my life so im making some changes. And the most drastic... Im done with pot. I dont dislike it and it hasnt ruined anything in my life so far. But there will be much more money in my pocket without it. So goodbye GC. :p thanks for the good times.:hello:
  2. Cool, man. Another one of these. We should have a quitting megathread.

    Remember you can always start smoking again, and you'lll have money then. You won't be outta it forever.
  3. Just because your done smoking doesn't mean you gotta leave ya know!

    But, hope everything works out for you in the long run!
  4. Your 18 posts will be more than missed.
  5. as will your 12 :devious:

  6. loool.:rolleyes:
  7. as will your 20! MUAHAHAHAHAHA :D

  8. :laughing:
  9. :hello: That was too much to handle.
  10. sorta mean, but thanks for the lol
  11. Just trying to be honest. Sorry if it was ignorant, but I found it funny as fuck. Seriously though, there's like 4 of these threads about "quitters" tonight.
  12. maybe try something psychedelic if youre looking for a perception/life change man, it sure helped me

  13. if hes quitting a drug i dont think more drugs are for him man
  14. very true, just a thought i had
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Haha as Biggie said Mo Money Mo Problems

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