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Done Good.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420smoker, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Hahaha so I moved about a year ago from my mothers to my fathers. And just last friday I went to visit some friends. Now, when I moved I started smoking alot of weed and became the way I am,(a weed smoker.). Now my friends had always thought of weed as bad bla, bla, bullshit, bullshit. But a couple weeks back my friend decided since he gets bad results from booz(drink to much=puke) he decided finally to try weed. So friday night I picked up a half 8th(not much required for these guys) and went out to smoke with them. Well we ended up not smoking friday, but on saturday, we finally got to toke up. So i tell'em to grab some tin foil and a tooth pick and we set out for the woods down the road from his house. We hike up this huge as hill, pretty chill spot for smoking, and i make a piece out of a bottle and shit(sold my piece for $50 when i bought it for $10 :):)) so anyways, we smoke and my friends both end up LOVING it.

    So i feel ive done good on converting to guys who thought all the media views of weed were real, into guys that will become just as much smokers as i am.

    hoorah for weed.
  2. That's an awesome story man. +rep for bringing some more into the light
  3. thats awesome man, i yet have to change any1 who thinks weed is bad.. no1 believes me..
  4. I did like 2 people but no more for me..
  5. I've done it twice... but the first time, people are sometimes unenjoyable because they can't chill because they're not used to it, you know?
  6. yeah ask them to join this site too :) hurray for weed
  7. i did it and now hes my bestfreind and he smokes bowl for bowl joint for joint and blunt for blunt , he rolled his first J yesterday hes like my son now even though hes older
  8. Man good story and you could of saved his life cause he could od on booz! anyhow i have converted 2 of my buds into smoking pot, and all love it and love the no side effects!

    +rep and thanks for good story!

    -Burned Haze
  9. I smoked up my friend who had only gotten high a couple of times with not much effect, and he TRIPPED BALLS. I made him take greens every bowl and he got most of each bowl, I got pretty baked, now him with low tolerance and smoked more than me got super ripped. We listened to the mars volta and he couldn't stop shaking to the beat it was hilarious hahaha. the next day he was all "DUDE, I WISH I HAD A MENTAL CAMERA YESTERDAY, I SAW THE BRIGHTEST COLORS OF MY LIFE!" hahhaa
  10. Peer pressure is cool... LOL Good stuff... JOE>
  11. That's awesome! Yesterday I introduced a newbie to it- she was afraid of it, so as myself and four others got in on a bong we let her clear all of the hits. By the end of the night she was just like, "dammit, give me the whole hit!" We were proud.
  12. I've started 5 anti-weed, straight A students smoking in the past month.
  13. yea i didnt mention my other friend who lives 2 houses up, he sed hed never do it to :)
  14. duude i love getting ppl who havent smoked to smoke im like u donno what ur missing but i wont force u so tell me when ur ready then finally theyll b like lets smoke and they get so fucked up and love it haha its great keep it up + rep:hello:
  15. It's not peer pressure.......

    It's just your turn.
  16. hahaha nice^^^^^^^^^^^
  17. a while back a friend of mine went to a party no one there was really into dope exsept me and him, but things change i had an oz on me that was for me and him later. but we started early b/c they said they didnt care if we did i asked one person to come smoke and another and another and before you know we were all just passin the fuck outa it to anyone who walked by it was the biggest circle ive ever seen it was truly great
  18. it's good to hear that some one got to enjoy the wonders of bud for the first time.

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