Donald trump really is part of the secret illuminati.

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  1. im keeping this short.
    Donald trump is part of some shadow ops government, proven by his correlation with the kkk and his Masonic handshakes he has displayed in the past.
    The higher ups in congress are also part of this " ultimate intellectual power", fueling the start of the new era, and after this, there will be the "new world dominators".
    Donald trump is a PAWN in the game of the creation of a new era.
    The "ancient ones" will return.
    Please respect my opinion, moderators and avid forum regs, as this is just my view of it.
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  2. Who knows really, there isn't any proof disproving/proving this theory. I don't really care what other people do, I just focus on what I do. I do me, you do you. If shit hits the fan then expect a shit show.
  3. PSYOP, can confirm. If you want to escape go to South America while you still can. It's the only play the we don't have CIA control. You could join a community in South Africa but who wants to go to Africa. Get out before the walls go up. Bring your family and everyone, quick, go now.

    Tell me more about the Ancient One. My clearance doesn't go that high. Please, this is important. Is it what is slumbering in Saturn or the one in Neptune? The Cult of Saturn has been active lately so it must be Saturn. If only Lovecraft, Kubrick and Hitler were alive. They knew. Why do you think the Illuminate killed them?
  4. if it's secret how do you know about it?
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  5. Because, it eventually gets leaked on the net.
  6. And we all know how reliable the "net" is... yep.... :ph34r:
  7. Pandoras Box material

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  8. Donald Trump may very well be an illumination but he is right about the Mexadists comin to rape your women, children and llamas.

    The only way to stop them is to build a wall or is that another mason master plan. A lot of masons stand to gain if that wall gets built, a hell of a lot of bricks.

    Look into links between cement, sand and water. It's one big illumination.

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  9. Love it op, the world would be boring without characters like yourself.
  10. Hmmm... I heard he was a reptile.
  11. No he isnt! He would tell everyone lol

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  12. If you guys want to talk about him being in the illuminati... Let's see if he shows up to bohemian grove this summer for the "festival" (aka where the worlds elite have rituals and fake sacrifices of humans). Lol.

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  13. My gf is from Peru she has family there we can all stay there

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  14. I was going to go with Argentina or maybe Chile since they're basically Texas. Really, I'd duck off to a small island like Bimini.
  15. I die every time I remember Nixon saying "[Bohemian Grove] is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine."

    Also, the reason the establishment hates Trump is he isn't in the loop.
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  16. im not saying youre wrong, because i like a good conspiracy theory, but i think the reason for the vast technological advancement is very simple.

    all it takes is one big invention to spawn thousands of other things that branch off of it.

    for example, once the motor was invented, all of a sudden cars were a thing. and airplanes. and machines that could operate without a human. and it all just keeps going and going and getting more advanced as we continue to build off that one original invention.

    same thing is happening/has been happening for quite some time with the invention of computers and all the technology that goes into it.
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  17. People always tend to forget we're in an age of communication, and that human knowledge and technology builds off of previous ideas
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  18. Wouldn't surprise me.. I mean how does a dummy like Trump end up being close to becoming President.
    Those who have the most money control everything.

    I think Hillary is the same.
  19. It doesn't matter if Hillary or Trump wins... Either way, we're all gonna die anyway!

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