Donald Trump has just been shot to death

Discussion in 'General' started by TioW42, Apr 1, 2016.

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    Happy April fools
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  2. There's a difference between a prank and getting everyone's hopes up!

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    Now I'm annoyed that it's not true lol
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  4. Hey, don't kill the messenger. He's just a symptom of the disease in this country.
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  5. I knew it was a stupid prank... but I clicked on it anyway....

    What's wrong with me
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  6. Dam you got me for a second... good shit hahaha

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  7. Same. Let's just blaze this annoyance away lol
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  8. one step ahead of you.
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  9. nice fingers
  10. :hide:
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  11. Isn't that the truth. If you people think 8 more years of democratic rule is going to help this nation, then you're grossly fooled. The other two republican candidates are simply pawns of the establishment and are being used by the RNC and it's cronies, and will politely be dumped by the party just as soon as they can be used to prevent Trump from reaching the needed number of delegates to take the nomination outright. He's a bit rough around the edges (and that's being nice), but at least he's not bought off by campaign donors like ALL the and republican. He's got the establishment scared to death and that alone ought to tell you that he is capable of making changes in this country...which we desperately need. Sadly, most weed smokers only get concerned with politics when "weed" is the topic of conversation and have absolutely NO CLUE what is going on this country and this nation. My advice would be to get your heads out of your asses and think about it....and then make a SMART decision for a change. We could do a hell of a lot worse than Trump as far as I'm concerned. Look at the other options and especially that lying dog, Hillary Clinton, aka...the pantsuit. She's broken every law known to man, has lied like a dog and been caught time and time and again and SHE is the supposed front runner for the democratic party. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! Oh, and then there's Bernie. Want to try socialism on a real scale for awhile? It hasn't worked over hundreds of years not even once when other nations have tried it. What in the world makes you think it will work here now? TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016!! TWW
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  12. ....April fools!!! Right????^^
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  13. noo... poor trumpy. He's so cuuute
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  14. Went on delivery this morning had to carry about 20 doors upstairs. I'm too strong bruh.
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  15. Also MaidRite is legit as fuck. First time I've been there.
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  16. Wrong thread lol
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