Domino's Pizza tracker

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by sshouse, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. because waiting to be a fat-butt just got more exciting!!:hello:

    i think that knowing that "Manuel" left with my pizza 18 minutes ago is kinda stressfull, the place isnt that far away! i hope he isnt eating it.
  2. :laughing: . I love that damn tracker. I just sit and watch the bar go from "Making pizza" to "Out for delivery". Swear not 5 minutes after it leaves the store...

    My bell is ringing. :smoke:
  3. lol, fuckin Manuel...
  4. he is probably on a double or triple delivery.

    maybe the person before you paid with pennies.

  5. yeah thats what i figured, he is FAR from being late.

    as a matter in fact HE'S HERE!!!
  6. lol, fuckin Manuel... Always waitin until the last minute to surprise yah :smoke:
  7. [​IMG]

    ******* delisious!!!
  8. damn dominos is soundling like jimmy johns with their delivery times. what'd you get op?
  9. i got 1 medium pepperoni and bacon
    and 1 medium bacon and pinapple
  10. i just used the tracker . its badass
  11. I want dominos right noooow. I wonder if they are still open...
  12. The domino's tracker is cool.
  13. i hate to be the negative nancy but am i the only one who doesnt like Domino's here?

    I support local Pizzerias who make most of their stuff from scratch and actually care.
    Their way better.
  14. I used to order dominos literally every 2 days. Sometimes even everyday, never got fat, nor healthy.
    The reason for me ordering so frequently was because I had no transportation to the grocery store, and I was literally addicted to there chicken kickers and cheesy bread. This was a few years back tho.
    When the pizza was different.
  15. This hit goes to Manuel

    Omega369 :wave:
  16. Papa johns is good shit too


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