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  1. How is doing done?
  2. my doing is done merely by sitting here relaxen.
    how about your doing, how is IT done?
  3. From a bit of non-doing I arrive at being done. I must have been doing something, but I didn't know what the something was until it was done.

    My OP can be restated as follows: what does doing entail? Simply "being" or is there more to it?
  4. It is whatever you want it to be.
    Being is being done constantly, but there can be more to it then that simple explanation, if you want it to exist.

    Meditate and educate yourself as much as possible, and the more you learn, the more "doing" there appears to be, and the more doing is needing done.

    (Sorry I'm rambling, the simple truth is there is an infinity of truths waiting to be discovered within infinite possibilities.

    The trouble is the finite mind that can only attempt to explore it ;-)
    Therefore the solution is obvious - Become infinite.)

    (There is as much or as little to "being" as you choose to become conciously aware of; kind've like asking how far do you want to go down the rabbit hole...)

    Sorry if it didn't make much coherent sense, I'm a little scattered as I just woke up hehe

  5. yeah i hate to say it but i didn't get a word of that. are you saying being is doing?
  6. What isn't doing?
  7. like existence "is", doing "does"

  8. isn't existence more like doingness?
  9. existence is a start to finish project repeating itself in a much larger series of happenings that will eventualy end.
  10. Who says? Are there any examples of beginnings or ends?

  11. you know when the finish is? because i'm not exactly sure when the start is. i'm guess creation though...
  12. Do, or do not. There is no "try".
    [ame=""]YouTube - "Do or Do not. There is no try." Yoda teaches Luke Skywalker the force[/ame]
  13. awareness is the first step to knowing
  14. Great post, my new friend! I'd like to apologize in advance as my opinion will be rather biased. However I feel the general message I am trying to convey maintains its honesty and integrity.

    I'll say what I've said before in recent posts and what I'll continue to say: It all comes down to perspective. Ask a man whose materialistic dent in humanity will not long be forgotten, what he's doing with his life and he will undoubtedly speak riches of his high end lifestyle and corporate career. Ask the man who is meditating amongst his garden what he is doing with his life and he will speak of simply being. Where one man sees doing as being, another sees being as doing.

    Perspective is an amazing thing, it is that which divides two humans in the social hierarchy and it is perspective itself that is perpetually self-altering. As I have said above, where one man sees the work he is doing as that which ranks him as a human being, another sees himself as a human being from the beginning and through being he is doing that which is meant of his life.

    In my opinion I feel your question provokes more new questions rather than one simple answer. That (as I'm sure you know) is in no way a negative thing as it provokes a domino-effect of inner thought and can often result in a huge alteration in perspective.

    I hope my response has in some way assisted you in better understanding your original question and I apologize if I haven't been of any help.

    -Lonely Planet Boy
  15. Word.

    To know even this, in this society, is something to be happy about.
  16. this has got to be the most empty and airy post ive ever read - at least drunk

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