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Doing things u shouldn't do while stoned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. alright, i learned a lesson tonight.

    never ride a bike stoned at nite without a light in the pitck black forest and going off the trail for a shortcut u don't know.

    i'll explain later, im high still
  2. i always find doing math problems in school or at home is a mission that can't be accomplished. I see myself pulling my hair out before i solve 2+2.
  3. cumcisions
  4. i mean circumcisions
  5. hmmm i'd probably advise against masturbating in the shower while you are stoned. I haven't tackled that one yet, but i imagine the orgasm would be enough to get you to slip up on some soap or some shit, and fall over and break your fuckin neck.
  6. i got the scars to prove it dude
  7. personal grooming is a no no.....bloody fingernails from clipping them too short, friend of mine has a busted eardrum from getting water out wtih a qtip while stoned, and almost chipped a tooth brushing my teeth once, also shaving is bad......and my back hurts..i fell in the shower.
  8. And NEVER rollerskate while holding onto the back of a truck!!! I still haven't completely healed from that experience.

    Oh, and never get high and then decide to pluck your eyebrows. OUCH!!!!!! I felt each individual hair coming out, and those damn hairs above your eyes, those are hard to get!!!!!! I tore out a big chunk of skin and all. What I go through just to have a pretty arch in my eyebrows.
  9. i got hig hand looked at my avatar. now i got a lot of excess skin for my sac and my balls got smaller, last time i wack off too much, hehe.
  10. i rode down a giant hill on my skateboard once when i was high.... i almost had made it to the grassy area which i planned on diving into to escape injury, when the trucks on my board began to shake furiously untill i was thrown off the fuckin thing, which resulted in various nasty cuts and bruises.

  11. hahah. like when Homer was high and shaved and rainbow blood started pouring out his face? I love those simpsons.

  12. We call 'dem "speed wobbles", brah. Skate or Die.

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