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Doing things high...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JCrohn, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. alright, what % of your daily activities would you say you would do high?
  2. depends. if i have everything i need, then its 100%

    if not then its prolly round 50% idk. it completely depends on what the day has to behold.
  3. I figured I might as well be the first of everyone that says, cooking & eating :p Along with that is pretty much anything you can do on a computer followed by smoking more weed and I can't forget meditation.
  4. I believe the saying is "tread softly and carry a big stick". People who stand "loud and proud" often have little sticks and insert things into their anus.

  5. Hey man relax and smoke a bit :smoke:

    Personally, i'm still in school so i cant be high all the time. I would guess between 25%-50%
  6. Probably about 80%, on most days other than my morning cig and shit, im high from then on out. I say 80% cause i cant smoke when im sleeping :D
  7. Probably half. I get up do some work shower clean up and smoke haflway through my day, play some games, smoke again, work work work, smoke, watch tv, smoke, sleep.
  8. I go to work high sometimes makes it seem like you're not even working
  9. Probably about 70%... the only times I'm not high is when I'm coming down from smoking so I have to smoke again.

  10. I wrote the one in the sig, it's an adaptation that I intended to create familiarity and relation. I know what the other sayings are and I don't recall little sticks and anal insertion. Clever on your part but the effect was lacking.
  11. The only thing I dont do high is wake up lol but thats soon sorted with a nice lung ;)
  12. About 20 %. I just do whatever the hell comes to mind. I don't get shit done, all I want to do is enjoy the effects of the most beautiful plant on the earth. Anyone with me?
  13. I'd like to do 80%, but realisticly about 25%.
  14. Not me. I get you, but when I get high I do things around the house no problem. Sure I laze around sometimes as well, but doing chores when I'm high is enjoyable for me. I also enjoy cooking when I'm high. I love eating a proper meal that I made for myself all while high.

    To answer the OP I would say usually 100%.
  15. I'd say 60%.. literally anything you do is 10x better blazed
  17. When i smoke, since i dont smoke at work, i play xbox and cruise Grasscity
  18. I'm about to get stony and do some sheeeeit. Target, Trader Joe's, run to the bank, clean the kitchen, make dinner for the boy...

    How much will I actually get done? The world may never know...
  19. for the past three weeks, ive been smoking in the morning before school, smokin after school, and smokin at night. and its all been pretty bomb bud....i love weed
  20. 6-7%. I'm high for half of a day (noon-falling asleep) once a week. I used to smoke 2-4 days (3-6 way back when I smoked mids) but it became costly. Now I have an INTENSELY low tolerance. Like, .5g of dank can last me for two and a half hours easy. It makes smoking all the more enjoyable and special.

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