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Doing Molly for the First Time

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ZerK, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Ok so im doin molly for the first time and i just want to know what to expect to be different than regular rolls. And what is some stuff to be careful about. I got a little over .1g to myself and .2g between two other ppl.
  2. be in a chill environment with good beats, I suggest techno. Actually I suggest downloading Super Mash Bros, but thats just me.

    As for how different they are... well, depends on how pure your rolls were, if they were anything like the shit that comes through here, you're in for a completely different space shuttle ride.
  3. how long does molly take to kick in if you swallow the powder? I took it almost a half hour ago and nothing yet?
  4. Usually around half an hour. Was your stomach empty or full? There are variables that have an effect on it.
  5. it was prolly half full
  6. Ha. A half full stomach, I haven't heard that one before :). Well shit, I say you wait until the one hour mark. If you aren't feeling it by then, either it was bunk, or you messed up your dose.
  7. First time I took molly it kicked in at the one hour and 22 minute mark, at which point, I had taken my second .1 gram, and was halfway through railing my third. Needless to say... quite a night.
  8. That Molly ever hit you man?

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