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Doing Math while High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MidnitTokr, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. So I'm trying to pay some bills and balance my checkbook. Normally I get stuff like that done before I toke, but tonight I got the relaxation going first and now it's almost comical how math and numbers have become so difficult.

    I know not everyone experiences this because I've heard people say they can still do math when totally ripped. But for those of us that it affects regularly I think it would be cool to have like a standardized math test you could take online while sober, then take later and the score would tell you how high you are. It could give you a number kinda like an alcohol breathalizer. "Dude, I'm so high. I just blew a .12 on the THC-alizer".
  2. Wouldn't you have to take the test the 2nd time high? :laughing:

    I suck at numbers when I'm high, too :p but my psychological prowess goes through the fuckin' roof!
  3. Yeah I suck at math high
  4. Tried a semester of accounting while high..didn't work so well
  5. Lol fuck math
  6. Yes, you could take it at various times to see how different you score.
    Right on! :smoke:
  7. I suck math, stoned or sober lol
  8. easy math blows when high. Like addition subtraction basic order of operations stonewall me. But in college my roommate had to take calculus. I, being an engineering/econ major had aced through calc 3. He could not "get" calc so he asked for help.
    twice a week he'd roll a blunt and we'd go through his calc homework. I fucking owned that shit. Not only did I get it, i was able to teach it. he got As on everything.
  9. I'm good at math either way. Idk why, it just comes so easy to me.

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