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  1. not a great 420 for me..
    it was starting out great (smoking two blunts of some good slow-burning bud)
    took a nap
    and I wake up to find my car windows shattered
    If it's who I think it is, I'm going to do the same to him (he drives a 45,000$ SUV)

  2. . . . and egg it, ya know, to one up him.;)
  3. Damn that sucks major. If you find out who did it wait a little bit to get it out of their mind then fucking trash their car.

    a vid would be fun :) then put like a waytoomany weed sticker on their tire

  4. An eye for an eye is what I believe. But just make sure you're taking the eye of the right person... 100% sure, not just speculation based on suspicion and dislike. :cool:
  5. yo i heard bologna will take the paint off. put in on and make it say 420 or your a ho or something. that'd piss him off
  6. whats his 'beef' w/ u?
  7. Fuuuuck dude that sucks so bad. I hope you find who it is and fuckin blow up their car lol. Or otherwise...what did you do so that someone would do that to you?
  8. He got really mad I wouldn't smoke with him and his friends on 420.
    None of them had weed (and there were like 6 of them, so I REALLY didn't want to smoke that many people out) and I went to go smoke with people that threw in.
    We started arguing; him saying I ditched him blah blah (when I never made any previous plans or told him I would smoke with him).
    I told him, my weed is MY weed, I paid for it and I shouldn't be obligated to smoke so many people out.
    He got pretty pissed over weed, which pissed me off too

  9. :eek::eek::eek:And he smashed your car windows for that!? What an asshole he deserve the same, and a little more;) Think of something good
  10. Smash out his window then thorugh a moltov cocktail in his car, that'll give you a advantage on him.
  11. slash all tires, smash all the windows, smash his headlights in, throw raw fish into the interior with milk and eggs and hope it spoils, oh and open the hood and just start pulling the wires left and right

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