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  1. So here's my situation that happened just a few hours ago; I'm at school, going out to 6th hour lunch I drive home, eat, smoke a bowl, feel happy, head back to school.
    I get to school go to my 7th and 8th hour classes - school ends. I reach in my pockets to find my keys and I cannot find them, I search my pockets again and again and can't seem to reach them. So I realize my car key, house key, and drum key (which are all attached to the set) are missing. I start to panic because obviously keys are a pretty important thing to have and start pacing the halls looking for em, went back to my 7th hour classroom, they're not there. I quickly jog back to the gym to see if one of the teachers found them in the lockerroom - no deal.
    So I walk back to my van and I think I hear a humming noise which sounds like the engine of my van is running - I'm not sure if it's the van or the cars of other students leaving the parking lot. I get closer, closer, closer yet, I realize the van is running - keys in the ignition and all - and has been running since I got back from 6th hour lunch - that's TWO hours my car was running in this back parking lot where someone could have easily taken it. WOW. All I lost was gas but holy shit, responsibility is an important thing ladies and gentlemen.
    All is good and well now...and I will be sure to actually think about taking the keys out now since obviously it isn't yet an involuntary action.

    That's my event of the day. Peace out ya'll. :smoking:
  2. So why did you go back to your car?
  3. to check if they were there...

    i would do the same thing if i was baked and tried every other option
  4. and how much weed did you smoke?

    You left your keys in the car and the car was must have been flyin!
  5. thats pretty funny. i do that kinda stupid shit constantly

  6. High as a kite :smoking:

    Probably one of the most stupid things I've done in my life...I love weed. :hello:
  7. I think someone is to young.
  8. Turned 18 last December, started Kindergarten late.
  9. Shut up dude, theres no need for that.

    My friend one time left his car running during a whole track meet, idk how the fuck you do that
  10. Hahaha I know man, I feel unbelievably retarded after it, can't do anything but laugh since nothing happened though. But I mean, how does one even do that, leaving car keys in the car...first thing you think you'd think of.

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