Do'h i got my bulbs mixed up......

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  1. Hi
    I'm new all this and about to enter my second grow. I was just wondering what would happen to the plants if I didn't use a blue bulb for the veg period. Let's say I just used a 200 CFL (red) for the first 4 weeks of the plants life and then I switched to a 400 HPS (red) for the flowering period.

    I have two separate area's one for the veg period and one for the flowering period. I forgot to switch my 200CFL (red) to my 200 (CFL) blue in the Veg area. So my plants have been under the 200 cfl red for the last 4 weeks. After 4 weeks i usually switch them into my flowering area 400 HPS (RED).

    Thanks in advance of your help

    Martin (Uk)
  2. Its hours that screws ya up .. not spectrum.
    Running under red/yellow will probably result in less than stellar growth as long as you are giving the plant greater than 12 hrs of light.
  3. Agreed, red-spectrum lighting for veg could cause some stretching and the plant may not veg out as well as if it had been under 6500k light, but you did not mess up the veg/flowering cycles as long as you gave it long periods of light and relatively short periods of dark.
  4. Hi
    Thanks for the speedy reply, I will be starting a new crop in a few weeks I think i will change the bulb to the blue one just to ensure im following the correct process.

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