Dogs or cats?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Nan254, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. So, are you a cat person or a dog person?
    For me I love both cats and dogs and I've had both as my pets. But, somewhere I would believe that dogs are lot better than cats. Well, I'm not saying cat's are bad, but they have their own moods and timings. But for dogs, you can always expect whole hearted love from them. Cat's are more like humans somewhere, but are just one of a kind.
    Anyone think alike, or is it just me?
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  2. I like them both. I like cats because they kill rats, so I mean I know it is sorry that we have a lot of feral cats, but I'd rather have cats on the streets than rats. Do dogs do this? Dogs are just good buddies with you, they do a lot of useful skills but they require much more to take care of. I love them both. I have a cat by the way, I much prefer her to all the small dogs that I've seen in my life time. If you are handicapped, it is much easy to take care of a cat. Just let the cat outside and then let him or her in after she does the "cat business" Dogs are much tougher.
  3. Yeah, cats are more like humans in a way. They do not require so much attention as dogs. they are pretty independent, if they need water they will come and drink the water straight out of your cup, at least mine does anyways.
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  4. Depends on how you cook them .
  5. Ew, no. I'll stick with chicen, pigs, and beef. Cats and dogs weren't meant to be domesicated as livestock, I'll stick with my basic meats, thanks.
  6. Did you like actually mean cook them, cause I kind of puked. Don't say that again please.
  7. And yes dogs need lot of care. That's really the tough side of owning a dog.
  8. dogs are better
  9. Dogs.
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  10. Hurt the dog......I'll kill ya. Hurt the cat......the dog will kill ya.
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  11. I love my dogs, they're not fully domesticated so they are very cat like. Constantly grooming, can climb 10 foot walls, hides their poop, and sleeps a lot.
    Very independent breed capable of living in the wild without my help.

    They're very close to dingo or coyote.
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  12. All of gods creatures are beautiful! I think my friend tom is a lot better than you, because you're moody. Not saying you're bad tho!
    of to
  13. I've only ever owned dogs but I watched my friend's gf's cat for a weekend and he was pretty fun.
  14. I love dogs and cats.
  15. I love them both. I'm thinking at this point in my life I'm more of a dog person though.
  16. I love cats, but I'd have to go with dogs.
  17. Internet is full of pictures of cats because dog people actually go out doors.
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  18. catdogs which means my small dog who acts like a cat lol
  19. dogs are loyal cats are not if you dont have the food the cat will run off find another house my dog will never leave my side

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