Dogs on weed??

Discussion in 'General' started by SwissChris, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Allright first off I would never do anything to hurt an animal..

    There is this dog that is really a scottish terrier (small and mean lol) or whatever and he just doesnt like me very much and he even bit me in the chin today (this dog doesnt fuck arround :) ) so I was wondering if anyone knew what would happen if i maybe put a few nugs in his food or do something simular?

    My friend used to get his dog high on second hand smoke all the time and he seemed very happy I guess....any chance this little devil might get even more aggressive if I fed him pot? lol
  2. i know he wouldnt get more agressive, but just feeding him straight nugs probably wouldnt do much. if your going to feed it to him, make some cannabutter and then pour the melted butter over his food. no doubt he will eat that shit right up!
  3. I love getting dogs high, they always seem to enjoy it, but be careful after he gets a taste of sweet mary, he will do anything to get more! like eating your weed, we used to always smoke with my friends dog n the room, and we went outside for a minute and left an eigth sitting on the table when we came back it was gone, and dog looked high as shit, his eyes were all red, and squinty and he had a smirk on his face, it was funny, but we learned a good lesson, stoner dogs will eat your weed.
  4. why would you even waste your weed on a dog? just blow hoots in its face. my buddies dog ate a budd cookie and got really sick from it you gotta watch out to....

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