Dogs and smoking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by boredjim8, May 19, 2006.

  1. Is it bad for them? Its only a puppy.. black lab.. i kinda felt bad for it but idk it didnt seem to mind!

    IN car 4 of us baked it out w/ a dog in it ^^.. it just fuckin would walk around car .. had MAD cotten mouth (drank a whole cup of wawa in like 40 seconds rofl) then just passes out on the floor of the car haha snooring and everything omg such a stoner dog
  2. Haha thats great. I love gettin stoned with dogs. I think it might not be too good for puppies, but im no vet. Im sure they get wayyy more baked than us though, puppies can have small lungs.
  3. thats hilarious. 1st day i got my pitbull pup blazed him on the way home n he threw up all over me
  4. Dogs actually get high? :eek:

  5. Yea dude any animal. Dogs,cats,birds,ferrets,hamsters heheh ganja knows no species:smoking::smoke:
  6. What kinda high do they get?

    PS: I am gettin my Dachsund (weiner dog) ripped!
  7. ..uh probly the same high..? wtf kinda question is that :) id think someone 18+ would have some logic..
  8. they turn into lizards. immediately.
  9. HAHAHAHA, +rep for making me laugh so fucking hard haha im stoned :smoking:

    edit:must spread reputation around yadayadayada nvm then
  10. i'd think someone 18+ wouldn't call water "wawa"
  11. me neither. now if youll excuse me i have to go poo poo.
  12. Sorry, let me re-phrase.

    What kind of symptoms would a high dog exhibit?

    Ovbiously he won't laugh etc. im guessing pretty much just sleep and eat lol?
  13. mine used to hassle for food go out in the garden throw up come in and hassle for food again then pass out
  14. haha i just spit water all over my monitor from that one. Just the thought of my dog laughing is somewhat completly hilarious to me
  15. So then what happens to lizards??? Maybe my bearded dragon will like it... Do you think they turn into dogs or something like that??? lol

  16. dude i lvoe gettting my basset hound stoned

    her name is MJ which is short for mary jane hah

    shes is like on a perma stone i think its the breed she loves to toke with me tho !

    post 420 time for a J lol

  17. HAHAHAHAHAHAH omg this thread is hilarious!!!
  18. I asked my cousin whos a vet and she said that getting an animal high is no different than getting a human high. The effects on them are the same, and it harms them no more than it harms us.
  19. One of my friend's dog was a HUGE fuckin stoner. She would always come by the person with the pipe and lick the smoke when they exhaled. haha, one day we made a batch weed brownies and using 1/4, and my buddies left like 3/4 of the brownies in this one kids backpack and the dog ate them all. She was throwing up for two days. She is the coolest stoner dog.

    I havn't got my animals high yet, though Iwant to bake my cat.
  20. haha they turn into lizards, wtf lol! :smoke:

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