dog shit

Discussion in 'General' started by rastaman502, May 19, 2006.

  1. alright this is kinda sound weird but whenever my dog shits she always scratch the grass and throws dirt everywhere. is this how they wipe their ass or what?>??

  2. i think the dog is prolly just trying to cover it up as a cat would. Idk, ask him and find out
  3. maybe that's her pooping ritual. just like we have our smoking rituals.
  4. she loves smoking with me i took her with me and some friends when we went camping and shes been in love with mary jane ever since
  5. Most wild animals try to bury their feces to cover smell, to prevent predators from hunting them, probably just a outdated instinct still stuck in dog's brains.
  6. Rastaman, i got a small dog that i love to chill with, and she would like scratch her ass on the ground too. when i went to the vet i asked the vet why and they said it means that she might have worms, i gave her worm medicine and haven't seen her do it since. i say take ur dog for a check up, cuz worms can get serious.
  7. yeah if they r itching their ass they could have worms but I thought he was talking about when they shit they get done and startrunning in place kinda, and while they do this they throw dirt and grass over the stool and it covers it. Yeah I have seen dogs do this and I don't think it is a problem, but if it is itching its ass you might need to check for worms b/c they can get bad, maybe even kill the animal if they r bad enough. Good luck and I hope your pet is O.K. JOE>
  8. Lol my dog used to do that too. I think she was just tryin to bury it
  9. same dog flings dirt.. jsut tyrin to hide it .. my cat does it too

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