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dog poop as fertilizer

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by 210pothead, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. would dog poop work as good fertlizer for your plant.
  2. #2 cantharis, Apr 5, 2009
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    NO. Carnivore poo is not good fert material, and dog poo especially contains dangerous pathogens. You would be better off using your own.

    Gardeners have been using the poo of herbivores, horses, cows, rabbits, worms, etc for centuries.

    Yes, I do know that some guy claims to be using it - there was a guy on late lamented OG who insisted on using his own poo. But ask the majority of proven growers here what organic ferts they go for. Dog poo isn´t amongst them.
  3. there's a guy who is using it as fert....look through the search function for his thread. if i remember correctly he in essence made a tea out of it to use. he had pics as well of the plant....not half bad looking (if i remember correctily he was started this because he was looking to grow on the cheap).
  4. Its probably not terrible for it but not helping it. I would hate for it to influence taste or smell either. Id say just go with some herbivore poo. Theres plenty out there.
  5. I blame all these dog poo shenanigans on trainermitch entirely!!
    Seems to be working, though, idk
    let's just cross our fingers for any dog poo farmers health
  6. Fuck me cantharis you are the best. You know everything it seems. A question are you are you still learning or is your thirst for knowledge still thriving? I dont think i would use it and def not my own
  7. No :eek:! Composted cow manure is very cheap.

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